Research and Development Collaboration and Partnerships

Our interests and commitments find expression through our research and development work. Our work is aimed at creating high quality applied, empirical and theoretical research-based knowledge about Educational Leadership, Learning and Innovation.

We are committed to an ethos of collaboration in our work as a group. We value research and development that is useful for informing policy and practice. As such, our work involves developing and contributing to fruitful collaboration and joint work with practitioners, policy-makers, and academic colleagues in local, national and international networks, partnerships and communities.

Internationally members of ELLI currently collaborate with institutions in China, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, United States in a variety of project and partnership contexts:

  1. Research Capacity Building through International Partnership: mapping women academics' careers in Pakistan
  2. The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) in the United Arab Emirates
  3. Promoting Inquiry Informed Practice: bridging the gap between theory and practice for participants of pre-service teacher education in Pakistan
  4. Educational master’s students’ learning experience of quantitative research at Nanjing University Faculty of Education, China with Nanjing University, China
  5. Impact of the ‘985 project’ on research outputs of 67 key Chinese higher education institutions, using institutional data (total research journal publications) between 1998 and 2013 with Nanjing University, China
  6. Building Teacher Leadership Capacity: School-University Partnership Approaches in a Chinese Local Authority with Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University, China.
  7. International Boundary-Crossing Study of Higher Education Institutions Working in Partnership with Schools to Improve Participation in Systems and Learning:
  8. Parents of Black Children’s authentic participation in a United States school system
  9. Learning from International Policies To Move Towards Education Systems That Facilitate Sustainable Full Economic, Cultural, and Political Participation.
  10. Doctoral Students’ Learning in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, UK-Kazakhstan Collaboration.

Nationally we are involved in the evaluation of the National College’s Leadership Curriculum and Licensed Provision and are developing collaborative accredited leadership development provision with the Association for School and College Leaders.

Regionally we support school improvement, leadership development and research capacity-building with partner schools and Teaching School Alliances such as: Beauchamp College, Affinity TSA, Brooke Weston TSA, Leicester TSA and 5 Wells TSA.

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