Educational Leadership, Learning and Innovation

Current Members

Alison Fox, David Pedder, Saeeda Shah, Joan Smith, Alison Taysum, Wei Zhang as well as Associate Tutors and doctoral students with an interest in this area

SIG Convener: Alison Fox

SIG Student Liasion: Alison Taysum

Scope and purpose

Members of ELLI have research and development expertise and interests in Educational Leadership, Learning and Innovation. We pursue these interests in a wide variety of international, national and local contexts and in a range of sectors and institutional settings. Contexts of interest to us include the school sector, but extend to higher education and further education institutions, education-related public services and not-for-profit sectors, learning in the community and informal learning. Please see individual members’ webpages for details of research projects, interests and publications.

Interests and commitments

The interests of the group focus on the levers and processes of improvement and transformation of organisations, communities and networks.


We are interested in how leaders create conditions, or transform them in current settings, to promote high quality organisational and professional learning and innovation. We have interests in gender, critical race theory, inclusion studies, educational leadership and power discourses. We are interested in the voice, participation and influence of pupils, young people and their families in schools and communities. We are committed to developing more flexible understandings of leadership that encompass a wide range of leadership approaches enacted in different societies and cultures.


We are interested in different conceptions of learning for understanding professional and organisational learning and the learning of pupils in schools. We have interests in how individual and social processes of learning combine effectively in different contexts and cultures of practice. We want to find out more about how learning can be best understood and supported in fast-changing contexts of globalization, rapid growth of information and communication technologies, increased migration across national borders and the changing character of local communities. We are interested in working with partners to promote innovative teaching and leadership strategies that support high quality learning practices in a variety of settings.


We are interested in innovation as a dynamic and complex process involving growth, critique, renewal, adaptation, reimagining, and change in educational policy and practice, especially in relation to pedagogy, leadership and organisational improvement.

Educational Leadership programmes: our Masters level offer

We offer a suite of leadership programmes accredited at Masters level:

MSc Educational Leadership (distance learning)

MA International Education (distance learning) (Leadership for Social Justice in Education pathway, including two 30-credit modules: Module 1: Culture and power in educational organisations and Module 2: Leadership, change, voice and identity)

MA International Education (campus-based, full-time) (Leadership for Social Justice in Education pathway, including two 30-credit modules: Module 1: Culture and power in educational organisations and Module 2: Leadership, change, voice and identity)

MA in Education: Learning and Teaching (including Developing Leadership in Education and Coaching & Mentoring pathways and each pathway comprises two 30-credit modules.) (distance learning + study days, part-time)

Postgraduate Certificate Effective Middle Leadership (distance learning + study days, part time) as a collaborative offer with the Association for School and College Leadership (The ASCL/University of Leicester Postgraduate Certificate ‘Effective Middle Leadership’ programme consists of two 30-credit modules.)

More Information

ELLI membership is open to research students and staff, provided their interests match ELLI aims and intellectual focus (described above).
For information about the group (including meeting times and venues), please contact Alison Fox.

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