Professor Hilary Burgess

 Professor in Education

  PhD (Open University), MA, DipEd (London)
  Teaching Certificate (Durham)

  Tel: 0116 252 3661



Professor Hilary Burgess joined the University of Leicester in September 2010. Before taking this post, Hilary worked for The Open University where she was Director for Postgraduate Studies in the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET). Hilary has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Primary Education for Westhill College in Birmingham, and has taught in primary schools in Coventry and central London.

Hilary’s research focuses on schools as learning communities and mentoring in primary and secondary schools. She supports a wide range of doctoral students on both the PhD and EdD programmes, on a range of topics surrounding Continuing Professional Development and Mentoring.

In 2013, Hilary was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy. She has served as a Council Member for BERA (2009-2012) and is currently Editor of the BERA Newsletter Research Intelligence and in that role attends the BERA Academic Publications Committee. In 2014 Hilary took flexible retirement and now works part-time in the School of Education.



Hilary supervises doctoral students within her areas of interest.

Selected Publications

Burgess, H., Weller, G. & Wellington, J. (2012) The connection between professional doctorates and the workplace: symbiotic relationship or loose association? In Workbased Learning e-Journal

Burgess, H. and Lalli, N. (2012) Research into restaurant culture in schools. Behavioural and Pastoral Update. Issue 88, June 2012.

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Burgess, H. and Shelton Mayes, A. (2010) "Open and Distance Learning for Pre-service Teacher Education" (pp 35-46) in Abdurrahman Umar and Patrick Danaher (Eds) Perspectives on Teacher Education through Open and Distance Learning, Commonwealth of Learning: Canada.

Burgess, H. & Wellington, J. (2010) "Exploring the impact of the professional doctorate on students’ professional practice and personal development: early indications" in Work Based Learning Journal Vol. 1 (1) pp160-176.

Burgess, H. & Shelton Mayes, A. (2010) "Achieving High Quality School Experience in Initial Teacher Education: How distance Learning and Traditional Programmes are Converging" in The International Journal of Learning Vol. 17 (10), pp. 23-36.

Burgess, H. & Shelton Mayes, A. (2009) "An exploration of higher level teaching assistants’ perceptions of their training and development in the context of school workforce reform", Support for Learning Vol. 24 (1) pp 19-25.



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