Research Interests

My research interests cover the following areas of Applied Linguistics and TESOL; English as a business lingua franca (BELF), phonology and pronunciation teaching and Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL).

In the area of phonology and pronunciation teaching, I recently completed a book on phonology and pronunciation which relates research and practice in the field ‘English Pronunciation Teaching and  Research: Contemporary Perspectives’ (Pennington and Rogerson-Revell,  2019, Palgrave Macmillan) . This builds on my earlier research and publications in this area, including my book 'English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching' (2011) which relates theoretical aspects of phonology to the practice of English Language Teaching. I have also published two textbooks in this area, 'Speaking Clearly' and Speaking Effectively', with Cambridge University Press. I was jointly funded by the Higher Education Academy and the University of Leicester to produce an Open Educational Resource (OER) - 'The Phonology and Phonetics Review' which is freely available on the Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) website. I  recently completed  a two-year funded research project ‘Investigating the gap between pronunciation research and teaching: English language teachers’ knowledge, perspectives and practices’ with co-investigator Dr Wafa Zoghbor at Zayed University, UAE.

I also has a strong research interest in the use of English in business lingua franca (BELF)  and am currently researching differences in speech rate between L1 and L2  speakers of English in international business meetings, again building on my earlier research in this field.My research findings, for instance, regarding cultural differences in the use of humour in international business meetings (Rogerson-Revell  2007), and the use of speech accommodation strategies by native and non-native English speakers (Rogerson-Revell  2010), have attracted the interest of broader business communities as well as researchers.  I have been the UK lead in three EU-funded projects in the field of international business communication, all of which contribute to European initiatives to enhance workforce mobility. The most recent, COLA (Construction-related Language Learning for Low-skilled Migrant Workers ) involved partners in Austria, France, Spain, Germany and the UK.

I am also actively involved in developing and researching online and distance learning pedagogies. I have been involved in many funded projects in this area. I co-directed AUDIBLE, a project investigating the use of digital audio to deliver effective student feedback and have recently been involved in two JISC funded e-learning projects: DUCKLING(Delivering University Curricula: Knowledge, Learning and Innovation Gains) and OTTER (Open, Transferable and Technology-Enabled Educational Resources)In 2018 I led the development of a MOOC which I hope will generate many interesting research avenues.

Current and recent funded research projects

British Council English Language Teaching Research project, ‘Resilience and beyond:facilitating learning and well-being in the refugee language classroom . Principal Investigator.  2019-20

British Council research consultancy project ‘Future English’, investigating English proficiency and teaching practices in 5 Caucasian countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Lead researcher. 2019-20

‘Investigating the gap between pronunciation research and teaching: English language teachers’ knowledge, perspectives and practices’. Principal Investigator (joint) with Wafa Zoghbor, Zayed University Research  Incentive Fund,. 2017-18.

COLA (Construction-related Language Learning for Low-skilled Migrant Workers)   EU Leonardo da Vinci fund, with partners in France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands. Principal Investigator (UK). 2011-2014

‘English as a lingua franca in Europe: an investigation of international communication and intelligibility'. PI (joint) Pam Rogerson Revell and Wafa Zoghbor, University of Zayed, UAE, Research Start Up Grant.  2013-2014.

AUDIBLE (Audio feedback for Better Learning Experience) – University of Leicester funded, Stream B: Developing new learning, teaching and assessment activities. Principal Investigator (joint) with Diane Davies. 2011-2012

‘English as a lingua franca in Europe: an investigation of international communication and intelligibility in  EU project meetings.’ University of Leicester,  Research Development Fund.  Principal Investigator.   2010-2011.

OTTER (Open, Transferable and Technology-Enabled Educational Resources) - HEA/JISC-funded Co-Investigator. 2009-2010.

DUCKLING (Delivering University Curricula: Knowledge, Learning and Innovation Gains) JISC-funded. Co-Investigator. 2008-2010.

EVLAC (Enhancing Vocational Language and Cultural Skills of European Construction Professionals) EU Leonardo da Vinci fund, with partners in Austria, Greece, Turkey and the UK. Principal Investigator (UK)  2008-2010.


Areas of Doctoral supervision include:

  • Phonology and pronunciation teaching
  • Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  • English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), English as an International Language (EIL)
  • Professional and business interaction

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