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Recent Conference Presentations

2019 – ‘Relating pronunciation research and practice: revisiting some myths and misconceptions in pronunciation teaching’. 6th International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices (EPIP) University of Skopje, Macedonia, May.

2019 - ‘Directions in technology-enhanced language learning: technology led or pedagogy driven?’ ICLEI Conference, London, Jan.

2018 - 'Chairing international business meetings: investigating humour and leadership style in the workplace' Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP) Conference, University of Cardiff,

2017 - 'Research into practice: revisiting some more ‘old-fashioned’ notions in pronunciation teaching. 51st Annual International IATEFL Conference and Online Conference, Glasgow.

2016 – ‘The L1 advantage? :a comparison of L1/L2 speaking rates in ELF business meetings’ 9th International Conference on English as a Lingua Franca, University of Lleida, Spain.

2015 - 'Research into practice: revisiting some ‘old-fashioned’ notions in pronunciation teaching' Pronunciation SIG, 49th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Online Conference, Manchester.

2012 - 'English as a lingua franca in Europe:an investigation of international communication and intelligibility in the EU workplace' with Zoghbor, W. English in Europe conference, University of Sheffield.

2012 - 'Can and should we teach intonation?' Pronunciation SIG, 46th Annual International IATEFL Conference, Glasgow.

2011 – ‘Chairing international business meetings: investigating humour and the construction of leadership identity in the multinational workplace’ Bloomsbury Round Table on Language, Identity, and Intercultural Communication   Birkbeck College, London

Dutch Accents in English symposium (2010). 'Pronunciation in Lingua Franca communication', University of Utrecht and Free University of Amsterdam - Keynote speaker.

EUROCALL 2010 Languages, cultures and virtual communities, University of Bordeaux, France. 'Exploring the use of new technologies (e-book readers, Second Life and podcasting) to enhance the distance learning experience'.

10th Association of Business Communication (ABC) Convention (2010) Antwerp. 'Pronunciation in International Business'.

'A Word in you Ear' International Conference on Audio Podcasting. (2009)Sheffield Hallam University. With Diane Davies and Gabi Witthaus 'An exploratory study of speech styles in audio feedback to M-level students'.

International Conference on English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices(EPIP) (2009) University of Savoie, Chambéry, France. Pronunciation matters: using English for international  business communication’
2nd ELF Forum (2009) University of Southampton, 'Accommodation and Contexting in International Business Meetings'.
8th International TEFL Conference, (2008) University of Damascus, Syria – Keynote speaker 'Culture in the Language Classroom'.

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