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Peer Refereed Journal Articles

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Edited Volumes

Editor of English in Education (from September 2009 to November 2014); Guest Editor for 'Poetry Matters', English in Education Sept 2007, vol 41, 3; Series Editor for Critical Reading at Post 16, NATE

Poetry Publications

Dymoke, S. (2018) What They Left Behind. Nottingham, Shoestring Press

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Poems also published in pamphlets such as 10 poems about knitting; magazines such as Writing Women, The North and The Reader, anthologies including Moses, Brian (ed)(2002) Are We Nearly There Yet? Basingstoke, Macmillan and Harvey, Anne (ed)(1994) Criminal Records, London, Viking and in The Independent on Sunday.

Web Pages

ESRC Poetry Matters seminar series pages at

Dymoke, S. (2008) 'Reading and Making Anthologies' London, The Poetry Society
Dymoke, S. (2002) 'Assessing Your Pupils' Poetry' London, The Poetry Society

Dymoke, S. (2001) 'Writing Dramatic Monologues' London, The Poetry Society

Conference Presentations

Symposium: Poetry Writing, Reading, Learning and Teaching, (Young Writers' Poetry Writing Development paper presented with Anthony Wilson), BERA Conference, University of Northumbria, 13th September 2018.

Young Writers' Poetry Writing Development, IFTE Research Conference, Aston University, 21st June 2018.

Keynote: Finding, Writing and Researching Poetry, Graduate School of Education, University of Hiroshima, Japan, 13th December 2017

Poetry Writing development as a socially contextualized practice, English Futures Conference, English Association/NAWE, Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria, July 2017.

The Harold Rosen Memorial Lecture: Finding and Keeping Poetry. Given at The 50 years after Dartmouth Research Symposium, NATE, Stratford-upon-Avon, 26th June 2016.

Inside the poem's engine room: Making Poetry Happen panel, International Federation for the Teaching of English Conference, Fordham University, New York, US, 6 -9 July 2015

Making Poetry Happen: transforming the poetry classroom, The Place for Poetry conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 8 May 2015

Striking Lines: poetry made memorable, Poetry and Memory Conference, University of Cambridge, March 2015.

Writing Identities: poetic and academic selves, 4th International Conference on Value and Virtue in Practice-Based Research, York St John University, 22- 23 July 2014

Poetic and Academic Identities, NATE Conference, Bristol, 27 - 29 June 2014

What is happening with digital technology in my context? Rethinking Literacy Teacher Education for the Digital Era, OISE/University of Toronto SSHRC symposium. London, 5 - 6 June 2014

Finding poetry writing in the New Zealand English curriculum, Research on Poetry Writing symposium at EARLI Writing SIG conference, Polo University, Porto, Portugal, 11 - 13 July 2012

Finding Poetry in the New Zealand English curriculum: the teaching of found poetry, NATE conference, York, 29 June 2012

Poetry Teaching in the Diverse Cultural Contexts of New Zealand and the United Kingdom, AERA Conference, Vancouver, Canada April 2012

‘Teaching Poetry in the Diverse Cultural Contexts of New Zealand and the United Kingdom', ESRC Poetry Matters Seminar 3, University of Leicester, September 2011

What are the challenges and pleasures of learning to teach poetry in diverse cultural settings? IFTE, University of Auckland, New Zealand, April 2011

Pre-service English teachers: what does their Masters level assignment work reveal about developing pedagogical concerns?. IFTE, University of Auckland, New Zealand, April 2011

Beginning teaching and learning at Masters level: student teachers' pedagogic and academic concerns: BERA, University of Warwick, September 2010

PGCE English and Masters level: assignment choices and pedagogical concerns: NATE Conference, Hinckley Island Hotel, July 2010

Beyond The Frame: Poems and Reflections on painting and sculpture: Brown Bag Research Presentation, English Department, Nottingham Trent University, Jan 2010

Poetry and Children in Public Care Poetry and Childhood Conference at the British Library, University of Cambridge, April 2009

Using a Poetry Wiki to develop Beginning Teachers’ Confidence in Writing Poetry. NATE Conference, Hinckley Island Hotel, April 2009

How can participation in a poetry wiki enable beginning teachers to develop their confidence in poetry writing? ECER, Gothenburg University, September 2008

Keynote speaker: Not Just a Game: keeping poetry alive in the English curriculum UKLA research day, UKLA International Conference, University of Swansea, July 2007

Pre-service poetry teaching: can the pursuit of quality also embrace creativity? AERA, Chicago, April 2007

Why Poetry? What is it for? Why English? International conference, Department of Educational Studies, Oxford University, October 2006

The developing poetry subject knowledge and creativity of trainee English teachers, UKLA International Conference, University of Nottingham, July 2006

Keynote Address: Lighting the Fuse of Poetry, NATE Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, March 2006

The Use of Asynchronous Discussion Boards as a Data Collection Tool in a Collaborative E-learning Wireless Technology Project, Eden Open Classroom Conference, Poitiers, October 2005

Using Wireless Keyboards to Enhance Teaching and Learning in the Secondary English Curriculum, NATE Conference research strand, University of Manchester, February 2005

The Professional Development of Beginning Teachers, BERA Conference, UMIST, September 2004

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