Research Interests

Jonathan's research interests lie mainly within Technology-Enhanced Learning in Science Education and the professional development teachers.

Jon is also a member of the Pedagogy & Innovation in Mathematics and Science Education (PIMS) Special Interest Group.


Research Projects

NextLab (2018-2019)
A European project, in association with University of Leicester Department of Informatics,  building on materials generated by the GoLab project in which a multimedia platform supports virtual labs and opportunities for inquiry-based learning.

TPACK as a framework for teacher professional development (2013-2018)

Mishra & Koehller (2006) expanded Shulman's notion of PCK to include a technological domain leading to the concept of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). Whilst many sources in the literature rate TPACK as a theoretical framework, it has proven less easy to operationalise. This project explored TPACK as a vehicle for enhancing collaborative teacher professional development and developing teachers' pedagogical consideration of the role of technology in teaching and learning.


Implementing Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the Secondary Science Classroom (collaboration with the Science Learning Centre East Midlands) 2010-2013

Implementing Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) through partnership.

PCK was introduced by Shulman (1986) as a means of relating professional understanding of topic content to pedagogical knowledge. In essence, this attempts to define what it is that successful teachers do to convey specific concepts effectively to learners. In this pilot study, student teachers and their school mentors helped refine and evaluate a framework for structuring and implementing this thinking. This has led to enhanced dialogue between student teachers, mentors and university staff and reveals great potential for PCK as a tool for curriculum and professional development.

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