Internationally renowned journal recognises early professional development of teachers

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Internationally renowned journal Education 3-13 has recognised the importance of apply research skills and effectively analysing empirical evidence in early professional development of teachers.
Internationally renowned journal recognises early professional development of teachers

Education 3-13 - Internationally renowned journal

The crucial part that the ability to apply research skills and to effectively analyse empirical evidence plays in the early professional development of teachers has been recognised in a special issue of the internationally renowned journal Education 3-13. Dr Neil Burton, Partnership Manager for PGCE Courses within the School of Education, has championed the value of the work produced by emergent researchers on PGCE and BEd courses for a number of years and regularly held research conferences where newly qualified teachers were able to share the findings within their undergraduate dissertations and masters’ assignments with their peers. To celebrate the quality of research that emergent researchers were capable of, Dr Burton was asked to select items for inclusion in a special issue of Education 3-13 with the help of the PGCE and BEd students’ tutors.

The resultant special issue has proved to be remarkably popular, realising full-text downloads of 13000 since publication in January 2013, the greatest number the journal has achieved. To put this in perspective, the next most popular issue (from 2012) has managed less than 3000, a similar figure to the most popular issues in many comparable journals. This recognition of the growing importance of the development of research skills to underpin ‘good’ decision making by new teaching professionals’ ably demonstrates the strengths of the PGCE route towards teacher education.

Special Issue: Emergent Researchers 41/1 2013 is available here

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