Bloomberg terminals for economics students

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The Department of Economics is delighted to announce the arrival of  12 Bloomberg terminals. These terminals are housed in the University Library IT2.

Student using Bloomberg

These terminals provide you with the opportunity to see how traders work and will help develop the skills that leading employers ask for using the industry standard platform. It will also enable you to access financial news and information, including real-time stock quotes 24/7. 

Bloomberg Screen

Acquiring the trading skills through the use of the Bloomberg terminals will be an asset for you as as it is often a pre requisite for many jobs in finance. The terminals allow you to research build pricing models and execute trades.    

Student experiences of using Bloomberg 

"Mastering these abilities will help you considerably to find a job and to have an advantage on other candidates. The University of Leicester, Department of Economics gives you the opportunity to practise in a IT room with many terminals; as a student you can get an account and join the Bloomberg training program for free and get the acknowledgement after passing the exam"

"Bloomberg is also a huge database for financial data and this will help you for projects works or when you write the dissertation."

"The Bloomberg Investment Competition gives you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the platform and compete with other universities behaving like a real professional. The competition is a unique chance to learn by doing and realize by yourselves what are the skills needed for a job in this sector and if you really like it"

"I had a short work experience in a trading room of a bank and I had to learn quickly how to use Bloomberg terminal to carry out my daily duties. Knowing the platform before starting to work it would have been a great advantage’. 


"I would say that they are an excellent tool to understand the markets and gain insight into how a career is in the financial services industry. Many employers look for this skillset, and knowing how to operate a system which is used by traders daily will give you a leg up on your competition." 



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