Submission of eThesis

You will need to submit your eThesis and final hard bound copy of your thesis to the Library before your award can be made. You should submit an electronic version of your final thesis following confirmation from your examiners that any amendments have been satisfactorily completed.

Submit Your eThesis

Step 1 Create Your eThesis as a Single PDF

You should submit your ethesis as a single PDF. Creating a PDF file is easy and can be done from almost any PC or laptop depending on the software you have used to produce your thesis.

Before creating your ethesis, it is important to remove any content that is covered by copyright - learn more about copyright and etheses.

If your thesis is composed of multiple files - such as an MS Word document and accompanying MS Excel spreadsheet - these need to be assembled into a single PDF file. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact IT Services.

MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel 2007 Onwards)

You can easily create a PDF of your thesis from within MS Office:

  1. Click Windows Office Button | Save As | PDF or XPS
  2. Click Options and check the box for ISO 19005-1 Compliant (PDF/A)
  3. Click Okay and then Publish

The PDF document creation process will now start.

MS Office (Pre-2007 Releases)

If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Professional then you can use this to create very high quality PDFs.

Alternatively you can install and use one of the many free PDF creation packages available online - such as PDF Online, CutePDF, PDF Forge, Jaws PDF Creator.

Other Word Processing Packages

If you are using other software to write your thesis - such as Open Office - please read the help information for your software on how to create PDF formatted documents.

Alternatively you can install and use one of the free PDF creation packages available online - see above.


If you have used LATEX to produce your thesis, it is a simple procedure using the freeware application Ghostscript to turn a PostScript file into a PDF file.

Step 2 Submit Your eThesis to the Leicester Research Archive

Please ensure that when you save your PDF ethesis you give it a title that follows this format:

year_lastname_initials_degree.pdf          There is no need to include the underscores:

For example - 2013SMITHTLPhD.pdf

Email Submission

If your PDF ethesis is 5Mb or smaller you can send it as an email attachment to

Please make sure to use the words "Thesis Submission" in the message subject line and include in the message your full name, your student number, and your School/Department.

Please note that it is not necessary to email a copy of your ethesis to the Doctoral College Office.

File Sending Services

For PDF etheses bigger than 5Mb we recommend using a file sending service to send it to

The University's FileDrop can be used to send files up to 2Gb. Alternatively, there are several free file sending services available online:

eThesis Questions

If you have any questions about submitting your ethesis, please contact the Leicester Research Archive team - email


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