Final Year Registration

Full details of the registration periods for research students can be found in the Regulations Governing Research Degree Programmes.

Where research students are registered for the degrees of:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The Doctoral College Office will contact the student's department at the start of their final year to seek confirmation of whether the student can transfer to writing-up status or should remain full/part-time.


If the research student has completed all of their active research and is now writing-up their thesis then the transfer to writing-up form should be completed and returned:

If the research student needs to undertake additional lab work, research or data analysis then they will need to remain full- or part-time as appropriate and the Doctoral College Office will need the Department to complete a Re-Registration Form to indicate this:

Where a research student is to remain full - or part-time then this may be for part or all of the final year depending on their progress. This should be indicated in the Re-Registration Form.

What Happens Next?

Where the recommendation is for transfer to writing-up status, the research student does not need to re-register online and they will receive written confirmation of their writing-up status once the paperwork has been processed.

Where the Department's recommendation is for the research student to remain full- or part-time for all or part of their final year the Doctoral College Office will email the research student and ask them to re-register online.

Please note that if a research student remains full- or part-time for all or part of their final year this does not mean that they are subsequently eligible to a twelve month writing-up period.

All research students must complete and submit their thesis within the maximum period of registration for their degree. Therefore if the student is studying towards a PhD full-time and remains full-time for the first six months of their final year then they will have six months remaining which can be taken as a writing-up period. If they remain full-time for nine months then they will have three months remaining which can be taken as a writing-up period.

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