Extension of Registration

A short extension to the maximum registration period can be approved where a research student needs more time to complete their thesis.

Supervisors are required to monitor the research student's progress and, where they have significant concerns about the research student's ability to complete their degree on time, to iniate proceedings for neglect of academic obligations.

Work Plans

It is suggested that supervisors require the research student to produce at the start of the research degree programme a work plan for completing their research and writing their thesis. This initial work plan should be relatively detailed for the probation period; beyond that, the plan may be more of an outline.

Following the probation review, it is suggested that supervisors require the research student to produce a revised plan for the remainder of the maximum registration period. Supervisors are encouraged to periodically review this plan with the research student.

Submission Requirements

Additionally, at the start of the research degree programme, the supervisory team is responsible for ensuring that the research student understands:

  • that their thesis should be submitted for examination on or before the date on which they complete the maximum registration period
  • when they will complete the maximum registration period
  • that extensions are permitted only where the Doctoral College Director is satisfied that the research student has made satisfactory progress, that their are extenuating circumstances for the thesis being late, and that the research student has a viable plan for completing the thesis within the requested extension period
  • that extensions of more than six months will not be approved

Under no circumstances should supervisors indicate that

  • an extension can be approved as a matter of course
  • that research students experiencing extenuating circumstances should seek an extension later - where there are significant personal or other issues preventing the research student from working, they must seek a suspension of their programme
Requesting an Extension of Registration

Where an extension of registration is needed, research students should consult the advice on extension requests.

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