External Examiners Based Outside the UK

External examiners are expected to have experience of doctoral examining in the UK. Where a department wishes to nominate an external examiner from outside the UK, the department should include an explanatory note with the nomination of examiners form indicating the rationale for the appointment.

The viva exam is required to take place at the University of Leicester, and proposed examiners from outside the UK will need to be in a position to travel to the University to undertake the exam and will also need to provide documentary evidence to confirm their eligibility to work in the UK. Where for exceptional reasons, the viva is proposed to be held outside the University this must be agreed in advance and by the Doctoral College Director.

Please note that the Doctoral College Office covers expenses to a maximum of £250 (fees are paid on top of this). If expenses are likely to exceed this amount departments will be required to pay the balance.

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