Nominating Research Degree Examiners

The University appoints two examiners for all research degree candidates, at least one of whom must be external to the University. In certain circumstances a chair may be appointed, if this is deemed appropriate.

Nominations for examiners are reviewed and approved by the Doctoral College Director and departments should read the criteria for appointing examiners before making their nominations.

Step 1Consider Criteria for Appointing Examiners and Chairs

- Specific guidance for nominating external examiners based outside of the UK

Find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the examining team.

Step 2 Complete a Nomination of Examiners Form

The nomination of examiners form should be completed in full.

Nomination of Research Degree Examiner Form

Where there is any collaboration between any member of the examining team, the candidate or any member of the supervisory team, full details of this should be provided.

External examiners should be made aware of the Privacy information.

Step 3 Return the Nomination of Examiners Form to the Doctoral College Office

The nomination of examiners form needs to be signed by the Head of School/Department or their nominee. Appropriate nominees are the postgraduate tutor, Deputy Head of School/Department, or the Director of Research.

Please return the form to the Doctoral College Office. If you are emailing the form please ensure that signatures are of the scanned/full signature version and not simply typed into the form as we are unable to accept forms that have solely typed signatures.

Step 4 Nomination Sent to the Doctoral College Director for Review

Once the Doctoral College Office has received the fully completed nomination form this will be logged and forwarded to the Doctoral College Director for approval.

Step 5 Approval

Once approval is obtained the candidate's thesis will be sent out to examiners.

If the Doctoral College Director requires any further information regarding the nomination, or has turned down the nomination, we will contact you and explain the reasons for this and what further action is needed.

Step 6 Changes to the Approved Examining Team and/or Exam Chair

Any proposed changes to the examining team require the approval of the Doctoral College Director and should be requested on a new nomination of examiners form.

Proposed changes to the exam chair can be made on the appropriate change of exam chair form.

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