Formal Supervisory Meetings with Research Students

In addition to being accessible at mutually convenient times when the research student may need advice, the supervisory team is responsible for monitoring the progress of the student's research through regular formal supervisory meetings.
Frequency of Formal Supervisory Meetings

The University's Regulations Governing Research Degree Programmes include minimum requirements for how frequently formal supervisory meetings must be held.

PhD, MD, PsyD, and MPhil Programmes

Before completion of the probation period, formal supervisory meetings should be held at least:

  • every month (MD, PsyD, or full-time PhD and MPhil)
  • every two months (part-time PhD and MPhil)

After completion of the probation period, formal supervisory meetings should be held at least:

  • every month(full-time PhD, MD, and MPhil)
  • every two months (PsyD, or part-time PhD, MD, and MPhil)

Other Doctoral Programmes

Formal supervisory meetings for research students registered for the degree of DClinPsy, DSocSci, EdD, or EngD should be held at least monthly (full-time) or every two months (part-time).

However, on these programmes formal supervisory meetings may not commence until the research student has completed any taught elements.

Format of Formal Supervisory Meetings

Formal supervisory meetings should be:

  • closed sessions away from other students or staff - although day-to-day supervision may primarily take the form of brief conversations or exchanges in passing, such interactions should be supplementary to formal supervisory meetings rather than in place of them
  • in-person meetings with full- and part-time campus based research students - meetings with these research students may sometimes be conducted remotely, but this should be an exceptional arrangement and face-to-face meetings either on campus or elsewhere should be used for most meetings
  • remote meetings with distance learning research students - however, the use of face-to-face meetings is encouraged where possible

Formal supervisory meetings may not involve all members of the supervisory team, but they should normally all involve the first supervisor and there must be at least one formal supervisory meeting each year at which all members of the supervisory team are present.

Arranging Formal Supervisory Meetings

The research student is responsible for arranging a mutually acceptable schedule of formal supervisory meetings.

Supervisory teams may wish to annually agree a schedule of meetings for the year ahead or to agree at each meeting a date for the next meeting.

Recording Formal Supervisory Meetings

Research students are responsible for producing a brief written record of each formal supervisory meeting.

It is suggested that this record should be of around 100 words and should include a record of what was discussed at the meeting and, most importantly, any actions that were agreed.

Supervisory teams are responsible for ensuring that the research student keeps an accurate record of each formal supervisory meeting. It is suggested that supervisory teams require the research student to provide them with a draft report within two weeks of the meeting taking place; the supervisory team should then check this and confirm whether it is accurate.

All supervisory meetings must be recorded within MyPGR.

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