Induction for Research Students

Departments should ensure that new research students make use of relevant induction events and materials and are encouraged to feel welcomed into the Department's research community.
Doctoral College Induction Events and Materials

The Doctoral College hosts a half-day induction event for new research students each October and January. Details will normally be circulated to postgraduate tutors and be made available from the Doctoral College Website.

Doctoral College materials for new research students include:

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments should ensure that new research students are provided with guidance on:

  • the roles and responsibilities of the research student and the supervisory team
  • the nature of research and the standard of work expected of research students
  • the relevant maximum registration period and the planning of the research programme
  • the relevant probation and progress monitoring requirements
  • the identification and use of appropriate literature and information resources
Supervisory Team's Role

Supervisory teams should support the research student's induction through the initial formal supervisory meeting(s) by:

  • meeting with the research student as early as possible to discuss the planned programme of research and the requirements for the research degree programme
  • establishing shared expectations for forms of address, means of communication, how supervision will work in practice, the need to discuss any problems as early as possible, and the submission of draft and other work
  • agreeing with the research student research objectives and a work plan for the initial stages of the research degree programme – including where needed a plan for defining a viable research topic and approach
  • agreeing with the research student training objectives and a skills and career development training plan for the initial stages of the research degree programme – including both research skills and appropriate transferable skills
  • drawing the attention of the research student to the:

- Regulations Governing Research Degree Programmes

- Code of Conduct for Research

- Plagiarism Study Guide

- other relevant policies/requirements

  • drawing the attention of the research student to sources of academic, personal and administrative support:

- Library Services for Researchers

- IT Services for Researchers

- Student Support Service

- Graduate School Office

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