Changes of Programme or Mode of Study

If you wish to change your mode of study or programme following your initial registration then you will need to formally apply for permission from the Doctoral College Office.

Please note that you must have the support of your Department to change your programme or mode of study.

Changing your degree programme or mode of study may affect your tuition fees, length of study, access to departmental resources / supervisory contact and council tax dispensation.  Changing mode of study may also affect the timing of annual re-registration and change the date this would be due.

Please note that we can make changes from the 1st of each month.  Requests should be made in advance (retrospective requests cannot be considered).

Request a Change of Registration

Step 1 Assess Your Eligibility

Not all courses can be studied in all modes of study, full details can be found in the Senate Regulations.

Please also note that if you are an international student and you are studying in the UK then you will be subject to immigration restrictions and may not be able to study on a part-time basis.

Step 2 Complete the Change of Registration Form

Complete a change in mode of study form:

The form should be signed by your department and we would advise you to discuss your request with your supervisors before making the request.

To enquire about requesting a change of degree programme  please contact the Doctoral College Office (

Step 3 Submit Your Form to the Doctoral College Office

Once your department has reviewed and approved your request your form should be submitted to the Doctoral College Office.

Your form can be returned by email, viva your PGR Administrator, to

Step 4 Notification by the Doctoral College Office

The Doctoral College Office will contact you when your request has been reviewed and we will let you know whether it has been approved or not.

They will also advise you what your new maximum registration date is.

Changing your degree programme or mode of study may also affect:

Your tuition fees: please contact Student Fees and Income Management for further information.

Your council tax dispensation: please contact your local authority for further information

Your departmental resources / supervisory contact: please contact your department directly

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