Progress Reviews for Research Students on PhD, MD, PsyD, and MPhil Programmes

Following completion of the probation review, research students on PhD, MD, PsyD, or MPhil programmes will be monitored by a progress review panel.

Like the probation review panel, the progress review panel will comprise at least two people. In some cases these will be the same people who made up your probation review panel. In other cases, your progress review panel will comprise one or more members of your supervisory team together with someone from outside your supervisory team – usually someone who was on your probation review panel.

Progress Review Reports

Before the end of each year of registration – excluding your final year of registration – you will be required to submit to your progress review panel a written report on your progress. This will be of around 2,000 words.

As with the written submission for your probation review, the format of the progress review report will vary according to your discipline and your Department will tell you what format this should take.

Progress Review Meetings

For these progress reviews there is not the same requirement to present and defend your work as there is with the probation review. However, your progress review panel will meet with you to discuss your progress. These meetings will normally take place annually, but they may take place every second year on part-time PhD or MPhil programmes.

The progress review panel will not make a formal recommendation regarding your registration; however, the progress review panel may decide to initiate proceedings for neglect of academic obligations if it has serious doubts about your progress or your ability to complete your research degree.

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