Access to University Services in the Writing-Up Period

During your writing-up period you will continue to have access to most University services and facilities including appropriate supervisory support.
University Services/FacilitiesAccess in Writing-Up Period?
Supervisory Support and Guidance  Yes 
University IT Account  Yes 
University Email Account  Yes 
Access to Appropriate Premises (University Library, Computer Rooms, etc.)  Yes 
Access to Departmental Facilities (Labs, Common Rooms, etc.)  No 1 
University Library Loans  Yes 
Inter-Library Loans  No 2

1. Research students who transfer to writing-up status are required to have completed the active research part of their degree, so there is no automatic right to continued access to departmental facilities. However, research students in a writing-up period may continue to have access to appropriate departmental facilities subject to the approval of the Head of Department.

2. Research students have an annual quota for inter-library loans arranged through the University Library; that quota ends when the research student transfers to writing up status. Research students who want to request an inter-library loan during their writing-up period must request authorisation from the University Library.

Supervisory Support in the Writing-Up Period

Supervisory meetings will occur during the writing up period.  You should discuss with your supervisory team how their supervision will operate in your writing-up period.

The supervisory support that you will receive during your writing-up period includes the first supervisor reading and commenting on the final draft of the thesis before it is submitted for examination. However, you are reminded that you must present your first supervisor with the complete final draft by a mutually acceptable date and in sufficient time before the required submission date.

Council Tax Exemptions/Adjustments

If you have been resident in the United Kingdom over the normal period of your registration and eligible for an exemption from Council Tax assessment, you should consult with your local authority as to whether transferring to writing-up status will affect this. Each local authority sets its own rules on eligibility for exemption from Council Tax assessment and the University is unable to provide advice on specific cases.

Stipend payments
If you receive a studentship from the University or a Research Council then you will not be eligible to receive this during your writing-up period.


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