Transfer to Writing-up Status

If you are registered for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Medicine, or Master of Philosophy then you may be eligible to apply for writing-up status in your final year.

Request Transfer to Writing-Up Status

Step 1 Complete Your Active Research and Data Analysis

To be eligible for writing-up status you must:

  • be in your final year (research students may enter a writing up period earlier than their final year in exceptional circumstances only, subject to approval from the Doctoral College Director)
  • have completed all of your active research including lab work. experimental work, fieldwork
  • have completed data collection and the analysis of your data
  • have the support of your supervisors and postgraduate tutor
Step 2 Complete a Request to Transfer to Writing-Up Status Form

You should arrange to discuss your application for writing-up status with your supervisors. They will need to support your application and will need to sign your request form.

Once you have completed your form and your supervisor has signed it, then you will need to ask your postgraduate tutor to counter-sign the form. Your departmental administrator will arrange this for you.

Step 3 Submit Your Request to the Doctoral College Office

Your completed application should be returned to the Doctoral College Office for approval.

Your completed form can be returned by email to, in person to the Doctoral College Office, ground floor of the Charles Wilson Building, or by post to:

Doctoral College Office
University of Leicester
University Road


Step 4 Receive the Outcome of Your Request

The Doctoral College Office will confirm whether your request has been approved.

If your request is approved we will write to you to confirm that your request has been approved. The letter will tell you:

  • when your writing-up period starts
  • when your writing-up period ends
  • what fees you need to pay and how you should pay them
  • that you are now fully registered in the writing-up status

You do not need to register online for your writing-up status or complete any further registration formalities.

Find out how transferring to writing-up status will affect your access to University services and facilities.

If your request is refused the Doctoral College Office will write to you and explain why this is the case and what steps you need to take.

Can I Extend My Writing-Up Period?

The maximum period that you can be registered with writing-up status is twelve months. You may have less time than this if you spent some of your final year registered as part-time or full-time.

You should make every effort to complete and submit your thesis by the end of your writing-up year.

If you are unable to complete and submit your thesis by the end of your writing-up period the Doctoral College Office will contact you and let you know what you need to do:

  • if you have any registration period remaining because you transferred to writing-up status earlier than you final year then your registration status will revert back to full-time or part-time and you will pay the appropriate fees
  • if you have reached the maximum period of your registration then you will need to apply for an extension of your registration and pay the appropriate fees.

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