Extension of Registration

All research degrees have a maximum period of registration by which you are required to have completed and submitted your thesis for examination. It is crucial that you submit your thesis by the end of this period.

If there are exceptional circumstances that have prevented you from submitting your thesis on time then you can apply for a short extension of your registration. Requests for extension periods should not be made earlier than the last two months of the maximum registration period.  Requests made earlier than this will not be considered.

Please ensure that your supervisory meeting record in MyPGR is up to date before submitting the request.

Step 1 Determine How Long You Need to Complete and Submit Your Thesis

You should review the work you have completed to date and your plans for finishing your thesis with your supervisor and agree a realistic and achievable submission deadline.

You should allow enough time in your timetable for your supervisor to read and comment on your work, and some time at the end for proof-reading and formatting/binding your thesis.

It is important that your timetable is achievable as you may be monitored against the deadlines given in your timetable and you will be expected to submit your thesis by the submission deadline you have given us.

Extensions of registration should not exceed a maximum of six months and multiple extension requests will not be permitted.

Step 2 Complete a Request to Extend Registration Form

To apply for an extension of your registration you will need to complete an application form.

You should attach a timetable for completion and submission of your thesis with your application that shows:

  • the work that you have completed to date
  • your timetable for completing any outstanding work.  This should include at least monthly targets

You should complete your application in conjunction with your supervisor as they will need to assess your request and comment on your timetable for completion/submission of your thesis.

Step 3 Return the Completed Form to Your Departmental Administrator

You should return your completed form to your departmental administrator who will arrange for it to be reviewed and approved.

Step 4 Your Application Will Be Considered by the Doctoral College Office

If your department supports your request then they will send your application to the Doctoral College Office for consideration by the Dean.

The Doctoral College Office will write to you to confirm the outcome of your application.

Please note that if your application is successful you do not need to register online or complete any further registration paperwork.

Step 5 Pay Your Fees

If your application has been approved you should pay your fees.

Please note that fees are payable quarterly (in three month blocks).  There is no pro-rata rebate for a quarter not used in full.  Details of how much the fees are and how you can pay these can be found on the Finance Website.

Extending Your Tier 4 Student Visa

If you are an international full-time student studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa then you can apply to us for a CAS to enable you to extend your Tier 4 visa if you have been granted an extension of your registration.

You should apply for a CAS by completing the relevant application form.

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