Resubmitted Theses

Where a candidate has been asked to resubmit their thesis or the practical element of a practice-based degree they will do so by submitting two copies to the Doctoral College Office and these will be sent out to examiners by post.

Assessing Resubmitted Theses

Step 1   Independently Assess the Thesis/Practical Element

The resubmitted thesis / practical element should be independently re-assessed against the list of required amendments given to the candidate as part of the original examination.

Step 2 Agree Whether a Second Viva is Required

Following this independent re-assessment examiners should agree whether a further viva is needed.

If a second viva is required this should be communicated to the candidate, with sufficient notice, by the internal examiner (or chair where there is no internal examiner).

Step 3 Agree the Award Outcome

The re-assessment outcome should be agreed by both examiners with reference to possible award descriptions and award outcomes. Where you are unable to reach agreement please contact the Doctoral College Office for advice.

Step 4 Complete a Joint Report

In all cases (i.e., whether a second viva was held or not), examiners will need to complete a joint report form. The internal examiner (or chair) will coordinate the completion of a joint report which should be signed as a joint document by both examiners.

The joint report form will be emailed to the examination team when the referred thesis is issued to the examiners for assessment. A replacement copy can be obtained by contacting the Doctoral College Office by email -


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