Post-Exam Viva Report and Chair's Report

The examining team should reach a joint agreement on the outcome of the assessment. Where examiners are unable to reach a joint decision they should contact the Doctoral College Office for advice as to whether an additional external examiner should be appointed and a further viva exam held.
Completing the Joint Report

With reference to permitted award descriptions and having reached an agreed outcome both examiners must complete a post-viva joint report form.

A bespoke joint report form will be emailed to all members of the examining team for this purpose when the thesis is issued. If a further copy is required this can be sought from the Doctoral College Office - please email

It is important that the report is completed in as much detail as possible, particularly where examiners require amendments to the thesis. Examiners are asked to note that research students who are asked to undertake major amendments to the thesis or who are referred for resubmission will be sent a copy of the joint report form by the Doctoral College Office as a matter of course.

Where the research student is being assessed for a practice-based degree the assessment should consider both aspects of the submission as a whole.

Where amendments are required, examiners should note the period of the amendments on the front of the joint report.

The report should be signed as an original document or contain scanned email signatures - we are unable to accept typed signatures.

Further details regarding award outcomes can be found here:

Chair's Report Form

Where there is an examination Chair, they should complete and return a Chair's report form, detailing the conduct of the viva:

Returning the Joint Report

The completed and signed joint report should be returned to the Doctoral College Office by email to or by post to:

Doctoral College Office
University of Leicester
University Road

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