Receiving Amendments to the Thesis

In most cases candidates will be required by their examining team to undertake amendments to their thesis.

Where these amendments are either minor or major it is the responsibility of the internal examiner (or designated external where no internal examiner is appointed) to review these and confirm whether they have been satisfactorily completed or not. Where a candidate has been referred for resubmission, their amended thesis will be re-examined by both members of the examining team.

Receiving Minor or Major Amendments

These will be submitted directly to the internal examiner (or designated external examiner where no internal examiner is appointed) by the candidate.

The candidate should provide the amendments in the form that the reviewing examiner deems appropriate (i.e., in hard form or electronically).

Referrals for Resubmission

Candidates required to resubmit their thesis will do so by submitting two soft-bound versions to us and we will log and send these out to the examining team for re-assessment.

It is a requirement that, for resubmitted theses, the members of the examining team agree whether a second viva is needed. Where a second viva is needed please let the Doctoral College Office know as soon as possible by email to

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