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Advice, guidance, and forms for University of Leicester research students, supervisors, examiners, and administrators
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Research Students on CampusThe Research Student Zone is for University of Leicester research students* wanting advice on guidance regarding their research degree.

Use the links below to find advice on all aspects of research degree programmes from induction to graduation and everything in-between. Most standard forms can be found in the Forms and Documents Store

Can't find what you need or have a question? Email the Doctoral College Office - pgresearch@le.ac.uk

Registration Initial Registration and General Matters
Early Stage Getting Started and Supervision
Middle Stage Progress Monitoring and Changes in Registration
Final Stage Final Year Registration and Preparing for Thesis Submission
Thesis Submission Viva Voce Examination and Awards

* The Research Student Zone is intended primarily for research students on PhD, MD, PsyD, and MPhil programmes - but those on other research degree programmes will also find useful general advice.

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