The Good Doctorate - Videos for Research Students

These videos from Angel Productions will be of use to all research students regardless of discipline and are based on specially scripted drama scenarios and interviews with experienced academics and doctoral researchers.

Please note that access is restricted and a University IT account is required.

The Good Doctorate Video

Good Doctorate VideoIt's important to get your research degree off to the right start. In this video you'll learn more about what a research degree involves and what you can expect as a research student. There is an overview of key milestones and of how supervision works in practice. Video Watch The Good Doctorate Video

The UK Doctorate Video

The UK Doctorate VideoBritain is among the world's leading destinations for those who leave home to gain a doctorate. The UK Doctorate Video will help international students to understand the distinctive features of the UK system and how to succeed within it. Video Watch The UK Doctorate Video

The Good Supervision Video

Good Supervision VideoWhat is a supervisor and what can you expect from yours? In this video you'll learn more about your supervisor's role and what they are - and are not - there for. There are also tips to help you get the most from your meetings and reviews with your supervisor. Video Watch The Good Supervision Video

The PhD/MPhil Survival Video

Resources to help PhD and MPhil students manage and improve their mental wellbeingDoing a research degree is meant to be challenging and most research students feel overwhelmed by the task at times. The PhD/MPhil Survival Video discusses how the pressure of a research degree can be made manageable and how to deal with common problems. Video Watch The PhD/MPhil Survival Video

The Good Presentation Video

Good Presentation VideoThe ability to present your work is an essential aspect of being an effective researcher. So how do you give your presentations more impact? This video is filled with advice to help you improve the content and delivery of your spoken and visual presentations. Video Watch The Good Presentation Video

The Good Viva Video

Good Viva VideoWhat exactly is the viva voce exam? And what can you do to prepare for yours? This video explains what really happens in the exam, how research degree examinations work, and what happens afterwards. And there is lots of practical advice to help you prepare for your big day. Video Watch The Good Viva Video

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