Managing the Journey - Mental Wellbeing for PhD/MPhil Students

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Resources to help PhD and MPhil students manage and improve their mental wellbeingMental wellbeing is important in helping make sure your research degree is a successful and enjoyable experience

Mental wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well; but the challenges of completing a research degree can lead to mental wellbeing difficulties. Here you will find practical advice and resources to help you manage and improve your mental wellbeing as a research student.


Student Support

Nightline - A student run listening service for students open 8pm-8am. Non-Judgmental, Non-Advisory, Confidential, Anonymous & Non-Directive. We’ll listen, not lecture.
Call: 0116 223 1230

Student Minds - A student led support and social group for those who have previous or current experience of eating disorders.

LGBTQA - Bringing together students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer/ Questioning.

Mental Health Awareness and Support Society - Aiming to increase awareness of mental health issues through events and workshops, as well as providing a supportive environment for those with personal experience and experience supporting others.

ProBono - A student led group that offers a range of free legal services to the community and students. There are 4 groups: the Miscarriages of Justice Team, Legal Advise Clinic, Asylum Project and Street Law Project.

Autistic Spectrum Society - Provides support, information and events for students with Autism, as well as friends and family of those on the spectrum.
email: Facebook: uolautism center


For more information of mental wellbeing visit: University of Leicester Mental Wellbeing Service

Your Guide to Wellbeing in Your PhD/MPhil The PhD/MPhil Survival Video
The Graduate School's Top Four Tips for Mental Wellbeing:

Learn about research student mental wellbeing and how to manage wellbeing difficulties:

  1. Understand what mental wellbeing is and why it matters
  2. Manage your mental wellbeing as a research student
  3. Develop and use your personal and professional support networks
  4. Don't ignore problems and use the help that is available

Resources to help PhD and MPhil students manage and improve their mental wellbeingVideo The PhD/MPhil Survival Video*

* University IT Account Required

Resources to help PhD and MPhil students manage and improve their mental wellbeingVideo Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing**

** Please note this is an NHS video

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