How to Prepare for Your Viva Voce Examination

Getting ready for your viva exam isn't something you need to panic about.

It's normal to be anxious, but you can prepare yourself for the big day in four easy steps:

  1. Get to Re-Know Your Thesis
  2. Practice Your Exam Responses
  3. Think About Your Examiners
  4. Use the Support Available

Taking a structured approach to your exam preparations and making sure to follow each of these steps will help give you the confidence you need to effectively defend your thesis.

And finally...

A further and final step in your preparations may well be the most difficult - think positively!

Positive thinking will help you feel in control of the situation which will increase your confidence. Try to be:

  • anticipating a potentially interesting discussion
  • ready to engage in debate
  • confident in your preparation
  • eager to get on with it
  • relieved at being there at last
  • excited at the challenge ahead

And, perhaps most importantly, try to look forward to completing your research degree!

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