Domain C - Research Governance and Organisation

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Domain C

This domain relates to the knowledge of the standards, requirements, and professional conduct that are needed for the effective management of research.



1. Professional Conduct

  1. Health and safety
  2. Ethics, principles and sustainability
  3. Legal requirements
  4. IPR and copyright
  5. Respect and confidentiality
  6. Attribution and co-authorship
  7. Appropriate practice  

Knowledge of:

  • Health and safety issues, confidentiality, and ethical requirements of his/her research field
  • The legal requirements and regulations relating to the area of research and the research environment
  • The principles of intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright issues, as they relate to research, its commercialisation and dissemination
  • Organisational and professional requirements and environmental impact of research
  • The concept of corporate social responsibility


  • Respects, acknowledges, and attributes the contribution of others
  • Seeks to protect, where appropriate, the intellectual assets arising from research and to maximise the wider value of research findings
  • Acts with professional integrity in all aspects of research governance
  • Uses institutional/organisational resources responsibly and appropriately
  • Seeks ways of working in a sustainable manner


  • Respects, upholds, and meets professional standards and requirements

2. Research Management

  1. Research strategy
  2. Project planning and delivery
  3. Risk management   

Knowledge of:

  • The contribution of research to the health of disciplines and institutional missions
  • Project management tools and techniques


  • Applies appropriate project management tools and techniques
  • Sets goals and plans and manages resources to deliver results
  • Effectively assesses and manages risks
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of research projects

3. Finance, Funding and Resources

  1. Income and funding generation
  2. Financial management
  3. Infrastructure and resources

Knowledge of:

  • The requirement for research income generation and financial management
  • Mechanisms for funding, the range of funding sources, and the processes for making applications
  • Local administrative systems, reporting procedures, and infrastructure processes


  • Responsibly manages finances, resources, and infrastructures related to research

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