Careers in Marketing & Publishing

An Evening Career Event for those interested in a career in either or both of these areas.

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Dec 04, 2012
from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM


Ogden Lewis Suite

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0116 229 7752

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The event programme is designed to provide insights into the realities of careers in these fields.  It will provide an opportunity to learn where those initial career openings may be found along with applicants can best position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities.

Speakers, who are successful professionals in the given fields, will give insights into the world of marketing and publishing from their perspective.  This will include:

  • how they developed their carers from the outset;
  • the benefits of working in their respective field;
  • the disadvantages of working in their respective field;
  • what employers in these fields look for in new applicants.

We aim this event to be of high value to students, therefore it will not include information which you can find in glossy brochures or company websites.

Do you aspire to a career where you can have real influence on the world around you? Careers in these fields are amongst the most influential in our  society.  So Book your place now!

Each talk lasts 30 minutes, and covers:

speaker's career experience;

their views on opportunities in their sectors;

speakers' tips for career development;

speakers' tips for successful job aplications.

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