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New format Career Management provision. Opportunity to participate in pilots of innovative Career Management Sessions.
Why the new format Career Management delivery?

In the academic year 2014/15 the delivery of career management provision for PhD researchers at the University of Leicester will take on a new format.  Whilst more details will be presented in future blogs, the point is that there will be five units: 1. The employment market, providing online information on key elements of the market for PhD researchers; 2. Three experiential career skills sessions; 3. Enterprise Skills Seminars; 4. Career Skills Seminars - level 1; Career Skills Seminars – level 2.
An essential difference is that four of the five units will be available online, the only exception being Unit 2.  This represents an enhancement of our provision to distance learning and part-time students. Units 3, 4, and 5 will be available both face to face and online.

A further feature is Unit 5, which is designed for two main groups of PhD researchers: 1. Those who have had a career prior to beginning their PhD, or are completing their PhD part-time whilst continuing with their career; 2. Those PhD researchers who have completed all of the standard (level 1) Career Management provision.  Level 2 provision focuses on key elements of professional contexts, such as learning in a work context, communication in professional environments and managing diversity.

As I am you can imagine, this development requires quite a lot of work behind the scenes.  One aspect of this is the piloting of the experiential sessions.  On Thursday of this week, July 17th, we will be piloting the first of these experiential sessions, called What is my Preferred Work Style?  The session gives participants the opportunity to work with online psychometrics to explore how they prefer to operate in professional environments, with a specific focus on the processing and management of knowledge.  With contemporary employers using Psychometrics for both the selection and development of employees, this session provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights. 

If you would like to be a participant in this pilot please register via PROSE or email  Please note places are limited.

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