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This is the first weekly blog covering what is happening in careers provision for PGRs across the University of Leicester. Each week we will look at a sample of what is coming up over the next few weeks, along with reflecting back over what has been happening recently.
The Brilliant Club

On April 9th Tom Wilks provided a lunch time information session on the work of The Brilliant Club for an audience of approximately 70 PGRs, and some Early Career Researchers, in the Ogden Lewis Seminar Suite. The Brilliant Club provides opportunities for highly able students from less advantaged schools to learn about working in research, and University life, through education sessions provided by researchers. This initiative has begun with some Universities in London and the midlands.

The first Brilliant Club Assessment Centre, at the University of Leicester, took place on April 29th. Four of the successful candidates attended a training session in London on Sunday May 11th.

This ongoing initiative is open to all PGRs across the University, so do look into it if you are interested. Applications will remain oopen over the summer. There will be another Brilliant Club Assessment Centre at the University of Leicester on Tuesday August 12th.

Evening Career Events

An event focused on career opportunities in Journalism, took place on Wednesday April 30th It featured speakers including Peter Warzynski from the Leicester Mercury and Trevor Locke from Arts in Leicestershire. Film of these talks will be available on line very soon.

Also, soon to be available on line will be speaker presentations from another event focused on careers in many different areas of teaching.

Engineering YES

Focus this week turns to the preparation of our PGRs taking part in Engineering YES. The University of Leicester team will participate in the heat to be held in Milton Keynes, from June 1st to 4th.

Biotechnology YES

The application process has now opened for Biotechnology YES 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity for PGRs in the Biosciences to develop and work on a wide range of enterprise and career skills, under the tutelage of business and industry experts. The University of Leicester has entered teams in each of the last three years and will be doing so again this year. If you are interested in taking part please contact Martin Coffey in the first instance, on

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