Dan Stewart 200.jpg

Geophysical Survey of

Roman Knossos


John Goodwin 200

Pearl Jephcott (1900-1980):

The ‘Czechoslovakia’ Notebook


Loveday Hobson 200.jpg

Feminist International

Judgments Project:

Women’s Voices in

International Law


Nicholas Vass 200

Visual Community Organising

Christina Wright 200

Kenyan artist Michael Soi

painting at an exhibition of his

work in Seoul, South Korea

Elizabeth Jones 200

Small Town Urbanity in

Nineteenth-Century Wales

Wendy Fitzgibbon


Clare Gunby 200

The Pocket

Paul Dickinson 200

A Brightspot on a glass darkly

Dawn Watkins 200

Law in Children’s Lives

Giannis Koukkidis 200

Salad and Salmonellas

Laura Gray 200

Are activity trackers telling

us the truth about our physical

activity level?

Sarah Hodgkinson 200

Dark tourism at the Prison Museum

Stevie Jade Hardy 200

A Human Right

Winner of the Best Image from the

College of Social Sciences,

Arts and Humanities.

Jun Li 200


Andrew Hopper 200

Leicester historians with the

wheelchair of Sir Thomas Fairfax

at the National Civil War Centre

Emma Jones 200

An invitation to imagine a world where

complete accounts of research are

always published

Rob Hirst 200

Transmission Electron Microscope

image of the unusual case of swollen

human respiratory cilia

David Siveter 200

Spectacular 430 million-year-old

‘virtual fossils’ help interpret the

evolution of life

Giovanna Puppin 200

Advertising Cultures

Janet Nale 200

Clostridium difficile bacteriophages

are effective anti-biofilm agents

Sam Johnson 200

Mathematics skills count!

Alex Sutton 200

Visualisations to assist

the analysis of “Which treatment is best?”:

a collaboration between medical

statisticians and computer scientists from

academia and industry

Chee Kay Cheung

Shining a light into the kidney

Tu Zhanhan 200

Infants’ eye scan

Mesut Erzurumluoglu 200

Breathtaking genes

Michael Barer 200

Survival of the Fattest – a TB bacterium

(approximately 0.003mm in length)

29 Tu Zhanhan 200


Josephina Sampson 200

Clustered centrosomes in cancer

Rozita Adib 200

The microtubule cytoskeleton

Second Place for the Best Postgraduate Researcher Image

Christine Pulla 200

The web of life

Aarti Patel 200


Damian Roland 200

Spotting the Sick Child –

Development of the ‘POPS’ tool

Winner of the Best Image from the

College of Medicine, Biological

Sciences and Psychology

Rona Aldo 200

Supersonic flow modelling thrusts

forward airframe-engine design

integration of large twin aircraft

Mark Williams 200

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Sara Thornton 200

“Senyum” (which means ‘smile’ in Indonesian)

Winner of the best Postgraduate

Researcher Image

Andrew Fry 200

Understanding the mechanics

of cancer cell division

Emmanuel Gerogoulis 200

Chaotic Ice Cream Cones

Ruslan Davidchack 200


Yewande Okuleye 200

Sense About Cannabis

Lisa Barber 200

Deep-Sea Manganese Nodule

Chris Nixon 200

Star eaters

Winner of the Peoples Choice


Luciano Ost 200

Embedding smart and runtime

techniques to improve multi-core

systems’ reliability

Sarah Johnson 200

Persistence of Flood Waters –

Vale of York – Autumn 2015

Emma Raven 200

Iron Heart of the Crystal –

Neutron crystal structure of

ascorbate peroxidase compound II

Benjamin Hall 200

The Martian Space Plasma Environment

The Auroral Heart

The Auroral Heart


Fossils are rotten

Mark Purnell 200

Four rotting fish

Geoff Belknap 200

Citizen Science, and the Uncovering of

History of Female Scientists


Sarah Hainsworth 200

Fly Pupae

Winner of the Best Image from the

College of Science and Engineering

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