Research Bytes Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Research Bytes Frequently Asked Questions

Registrant Eligibility

Who can take part in the Research Bytes competition?

You must be a current University of Leicester research student to take part in the competition - i.e., be currently registered for a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PsyD, EdD, EngD, DClinPsy, DSocScior an MPhil degree) or a member of research staff.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept registrations from Masters students (MA, MSc, MRes, etc.)

I am coming to the end of my degree or contract, can I take part?

The competition event takes place Friday, 22 June 2018- to be eligible to take part you must at that date be registered as a full-time, part-time, distance learning, or writing-up research student or still employed as a research staff (contract based) at the University of Leicester.

Unfortunately you will not be eligible to take part if you have had your viva voce or will do so before the date of the competition event or if your contract with the University has ended.

Are there any restrictions by subject-type or year of degree?

The Research Bytes competition is open to research students from all subject areas.

The competition is open to research students who are sufficiently far ahead in their degree that they have research results/findings to present. For that reason, we will not normally consider applications from PhD/MPhil students in the first year (full-time) or first two years (part-time/distance learning) of their degree.

Can part-time and distance learning research students take part?

Those selected to take part in the Research Bytes competition are required to present their work in person at the competition event. Part-time and distance learning research students who can attend the competition event 22 June 2018 are welcome to apply.

How is this competition tied to the 3 Minute Thesis?

The 3 Minute Thesis is a UK-wide competition for only students registered in a doctoral degree. The best scored doctoral student in the Research  Bytes competition will be put forth as the candidate for the 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Registration Process

How are applications submitted?

Research students wanting to take part in the Research Bytes competition must register for the competition using the online form.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications must be submitted by 17:00 BST, 11 April 2017. Applications received after this time will not be considered.

How will applications be selected?

There are currently spaces for 10 participants in the competitions. If the event is over subscribed there will be a short-listing based on pre-competition tasks. Thus all applicants are accepted initially into this competition and the short-listing will focus on the titles and descriptions.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

All applicants are accepted into this competition.

Presentation Format

How strict are the rules on time?

Very! Presenters will be stopped as soon as there three minutes are up; presenters who attempt to continue speaking beyond their alotted three minutes will be disqualified.

Can I use any equipment or props during my presentation?

Presenters may not use equipment or props during their presentation.

What are the requirements for the MS PowerPoint slide?

Presenters may use a single MS PowerPoint slide to illustrate their presentation. The slide must not involve:

a. slide transitions/animations

b. audio or video files

Slides must include the University logo in the top left corner and in its original colours.

Contact Us

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