Leicester Research Showcase

A showcase of exciting and ground-breaking research and innovation done by UoL postgraduate researchers and research staff, taking place at Stamford Court, University of Leicester on 22 June 2018.

Welcome to the new Leicester Research Showcase, organised by the Doctoral College, with support from the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies and the Leicester Innovation Hub. This Showcase takes on an exciting and challenging new format, includes postgraduate researchers as well as research staff, has three different competition categories and fantastic sponsored cash prizes to be won. It provides participants with a unique opportunity to both, showcase your research, and meet with prospective employers.

Poster Competition


The Leicester Research Showcase features a poster display and competition, featuring
25 shortlisted posters created by our postgraduate researchers and research staff .
This is a great way of presenting research in a concise and powerful manner.

The  posters are judged on how effectively they summarise the important
aspects of any research topic, their accessibility to a lay audience, and their visual appeal.

If you would like to participate in the poster competition, please fill out the Registration Form and read
the Rules for Entrants.

Deadline to register: closed



Research Bytes is a competition where participants are judged on their ability to engagingly
communicate research and engage their audience, in no more than 3 minutes, and using
no more than one slide (and no other props).

This competition draws upon the 3 Minute Thesis competition template and is open to
postgraduate researchers and research staff.

If you would like to participate in this competition, please fill out the Registration Form and read
the Rules for Entrants.

Deadline to register: 27 April 2018

Leicester Research Den

If you see your future as an academic/researcher or if you see it in the private sector the capacity to pitch an idea
is becoming ever more essential as a professional skill. 
For academics/researchers the race for funding is constant, time-consuming and resources are scarce.
Your ability to explain a research idea, and its benefits, in the form of a pitch is a key skill,
both in bidding for funding and in a chance conversation with a potential funder.  For those interested in other professional sectors these same skills are crucial to engagements with employers,
funders and a range of others who may hold the keys to the door of your success.

The Leicester Research and Enterprise Den is an opportunity to step up and explain your
research idea in lay terms, either individually or as part of a team.  You will receive training on how to pitch along with loads of support for your pitch and expert tips on how to enhance it.

Your pitch might be a novel research proposal to solve a real-world problem.  Alternatively, it might explore a commercial or translational opportunity.

Cash prize for the winner.

If you would like to participate in this competition, please fill out the Registration Form and read
the Rules for Entrants.

Deadline to register: closed

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