6.8 Holidays and Illnesses

Research students who need to take a short break from their research degree programme either for a holiday or ill health should notify their supervisory team.


Each calendar year you may take periods of annual leave, normally up to a maximum of twenty-four (full-time) or twelve (part-time) leave days. Requests to take annual leave must be made through your supervisory team and recorded by your Department. Requests to take leave for a period of more than one month will not normally be approved.

In addition to this annual leave entitlement, there are a number of United Kingdom public holidays and a further number of days in each year which are allocated by the University as closure days around the Christmas and Easter periods.


If you suffer a minor illness for a period of less than seven days you must report it to your Department where this may have affected your progress with your research degree.

If you suffer an illness of more than seven days’ duration or that is of a non-minor nature you must seek medical advice and obtain a medical certificate. You must then provide a copy of the medical certificate to your Department and to the Graduate School Office.

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6.8 Holidays and Leave

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