Lunchtime Lectures

The Lunchtime Lecture series gives Researchers across the University of Leicester the opportunity to present their research to a public audience at the Leicester Adult Education College. Please read on to see the timetable of upcoming topics:

Lunchtime Lecture Series 2018-2019

Our Lunchtime Lectures are taking a summer break but will be straight back on October 5th 2018 with "Exploring Archive Exhibitions" as our first topic! Thanks so much for your attendance and support throughout our 2017-2018 series.

Attending a Lecture

All of the Lunchtime Lectures are on Friday's and free and open to the public, with no need to book in advance. The lectures last approximately 20 minutes, starting at 12:30.

Lectures are held at the Leicester Adult Education College, on Friday lunchtimes during the College's academic term time.

Map from University campus to Adult Education College



Our sessions are always well received both from the speaker and the audience. Have a look at some of our wonderful feedback from all involved.

“I found the event useful to elicit some inspiring public views on my topic” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
“I think that it's an excellent opportunity for the University to engage with its local community. It brings 'gown to town' and produces shared understanding” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
"interesting and relevant" – Lunchtime Lecture Delegate
“It is not a bad challenge to have to emerge from academic specialism to explain yourself to a public audience..........” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
“The event was great, I really enjoyed getting the chance to share my research updates with the general public. They were very interactive, and had some interesting questions worth considering for the course of my project and the direction of the work.” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
“After my speech, there are over half an hour communication between me and audience” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
“Thank you very much for all the organisers of this event. This event was really great experience for me. I use to have fear to talk about my research. It helps me to gain confidence about my research, talk infront of people, and think about my research differently” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker
“I had a lot of questions and good solid debate from a well informed audience. I really enjoyed it” – Lunchtime Lecture Speaker

Delivering a Lecture

If you are interested in delivering a lecture, please email Kelly McCormack on

Each lecture should be approximately 20 minutes in length, aimed at an audience of the general public (i.e. with no specific academic background) and address both the aims and the rationale of your specific research topic.

Research Students may find training on delivering talks to non-specialist audiences useful and can find booking information for these workshops here: Research Student Training Programme.

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