Lunchtime Lectures

The Lunchtime Lecture series gives Researchers across the University of Leicester the opportunity to present their research to a public audience at the Leicester Adult Education College. Please read on to see the timetable of upcoming topics:

Lunchtime Lecture Series 2018

27th April 2018 Phil Batman "Migration of kinship (big) families out of Swaledale in Yorkshire and into York in the nineteenth century"
4th May 2018 Nicholas Schenk "Statelessness and the right to citizenship"
11th May 2018 Victoria McGowan “The science behind reading”
18th May 2018 Haward Soper "Game Theory, Prisoner’s Dilemmas…do they have real world application? Are they just easy games for computer literate academics? Haward Soper argues that they have limited real world application"
25th May 2018 Ryan Nutting "A Tour Through a Nineteenth-Century Museum: The Horniman Free Museum in 1896"
8th June 2018 David Wilkin "I’d Rather Walk - Except I Can’t: Abuse of Disabled People on Public Transport."
15th June 2018 Mark Waddington "What is constructed in a constructive meeting?"

Attending a Lecture

All of the Lunchtime Lectures are on Friday's and free and open to the public, with no need to book in advance. The lectures last approximately 20 minutes, starting at 12:30.

Lectures are held at the Leicester Adult Education College, on Friday lunchtimes during the College's academic term time.

Map from University campus to Adult Education College

Delivering a Lecture

If you are interested in delivering a lecture, please email Kelly McCormack on

Each lecture should be approximately 20 minutes in length, aimed at an audience of the general public (i.e. with no specific academic background) and address both the aims and the rationale of your specific research topic.

Research Students may find training on delivering talks to non-specialist audiences useful and can find booking information for these workshops here: Research Student Training Programme.

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