About Café Research

Cafe Research is an opportunity for research postgraduates to get together and talk about their research in an informal setting.

The aim of Café Research is to provide a series of informal social events where research students can meet, network, share ideas and even hone their presentation skills, over a glass of wine or orange juice. Formerly known as Café Scientifique, this event isn't just for scientists but is for all postgraduate researchers! The evening will typically feature three or four researchers from across the university, who will describe their research in a manner that can be easily understood by people from outside their discipline.

Previous attendees have commented:

"Having attended a few public events at Leicester University I spotted the Cafe Research title in the events listing. It appealed because it involved a number of researchers speaking and you did not know the subject matter in advance. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the informal way it was held in the Charles Wilson restaurant. Two very diverse presentations were given...After the presentations food was provided which gave the opportunity to chat with the speakers and other people attending. For me it exceeded my expectations and most importantly 1. I came away with more knowledge than I had pre the event. 2. Unlike  the TV or books you can ask questions and get clarification."

"I absolutely enjoyed the opportunity of talking about my research with fellow students and researchers. I believe the event provides a unique opportunity for PhD students to share their research in an informal environment and within a diverse audience from different schools. Furthermore, as a distance learning student, i believe these events provide the opportunity to be actively involved with the University research community which is essential for a PhD student."

"It has been a great event! I love the fact that you are able to present your research to people from other Departments. I’ve appreciated as well the debate after the presentation – it’s good to have a point of view from people who are not in your research field."

"Thanks for today's session and the opportunity, I really enjoyed it."

"met some lovely people and had some very meaningful conversation in that time.Thank you for organising it."

"Everything was well prepared, the organizers were very welcome persons, making me comfortable and relaxed, you included! .......I also appreciated the post-talk, when we had time to talk with audience, exchange opinions, clarify some points of the presentation, receive feedback, and, why not, get new insight about my project! So far, I haven't had many occasions to discuss with researchers having a different background, and Café Reseach make this possible and enjoyable".

"Thanks so much for this. I really enjoyed. It was a good opportunity to talk about my work before my viva"

"It's always interesting to hear from fellow researchers"

2019/2020 Cafe Research Sessions

Tuesday 29 October 2019 1800-1930
Wednesday 27 November 2019 1700-1800
Doctoral College Week Thursday 27 February 2020 1300-1400


If you would like to attend an upcoming session please follow this link.

If you would like to present at a future Café Research, please fill in our "expression of interest" form.


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