The Doctoral College Research Staff Development Fund

The Doctoral College has a small fund to support events which enhance and promote research skills and career development for research staff at the University of Leicester. By ‘research staff’ we mean specifically all staff on a ‘research only’ contract, and funded through grants/external sources, rather than centrally by the University.

Deadline: Wednesday, 28 February 2018

It is hoped the Fund will support activities and events that complement and enhance existing researcher development provision and will contribute to researcher development in strategic areas such as specialist skills, career development planning and research impact.

Initiatives that cross disciplinary boundaries and impact researchers beyond a single department will be considered very favourably. And this includes hosting of events at the University of Leicester, where beneficiaries will include participants from within the University.

Where requests are to cover the costs of specific skills development, the Doctoral College will look favourably at applications that have already gained part funding from elsewhere (e.g. department). It will also be the expectation that research staff members attending such training workshops/programmes, will come back and deliver some training in the same area to staff and PGRs here, to enhance our skills pool.

As we expect this funding to become available annually, from the next academic year, the call will go out in September/October 2018. Funding decisions will be made no later than 16 March 2018, and a decision will be communicated to you shortly thereafter. If you have been successful, we will effect a transfer of funds to your account, but would expect original receipts for all spend as soon as the event is over.

This award is not intended as a travel award for discipline-specific conference attendance.

Eligibility Criteria

Funding proposals will be assessed on their individual merits and in terms of their relation to the University's overall researcher development provision.

Funding is available to support activities and events which:

  1. Encourage development in one or more of the skills domains of the Researcher Development Framework - activities and events with a focus on career development planning or research impact.
  2. Have a wide impact at College-level or across the institution.
  3. Are of strategic value to research staff in their career enhancement/progression.
  4. Demonstrate evidence of cost-effectiveness (the amount of funding sought is proportional to the number of beneficiaries and the value added).

Terms of Application:

  1. Applicants must be a member of staff employed under a research only contract at the University of Leicester at the time of application, and through the period of the activity.
  2. If the initiative takes place at the University of Leicester, it must be open to researchers at the University.
  3. The initiative must not be a discipline-specific event that focuses on skills, techniques or methodology training that is already delivered by Departments or Colleges.
  4. Following each event, the applicant will be required to submit all relevant receipts and invoices to the Doctoral College, and provide a short report on the funded activity, and benefits accruing to funded individual as well as the wider researcher community.
  5. Applicants are limited to one application per academic year.

Application Instructions

All applicants should review the terms of application and ensure their request for funding meets the criteria outlined above. Requests to cover costs that are not outlined above, but where you believe a cost is reasonable and is absolutely necessary in order to organise the initiative may be included in the application. Such requests will be approved at the discretion of the Doctoral College Director. Funding should not be used for printed advertising materials (posters, flyers, etc.) or external online advertising, promotional materials/items of any kind or conferences/seminars held outside the University.

All applicants must complete and submit the application form.

All sections of the form must be completed. Be sure to provide a clear breakdown of costs. Any application that fails to provide a breakdown of costs may not be considered.

If you have any questions concerning the fund, please email

Applications must be made by 17:00 Wednesday, 28 February 2018.

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