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Rosie is a Research and Netreach Officer based in the University of Licester's Department of Criminology, working on the 'Beyond the Gaze' participatory action research project.

Beyond the Gaze is a UK wide study of the working practices, safety and regulation of internet based sex work. The project is this is the largest study of the online sector of the UK sex industry to date and is looking at how the internet and digital technology has shaped 21st century and how sex workers utilise online spaces and digital technologies.

The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and lead by Professor Teela Sanders (University of Leicester) and Professor Jane Scoular (University of Strathclyde).

Rosie has carried out research, and published on sex work, for two decades, studies she has been involved with have included local and national studies, across diverse sectors of the sex industry, with many taking a collaborative, participatory action approach with policy and practice impacts. Examples include:

In a voluntary capacity she was a founder member of UK Network of Sex Work Projects, Chair for eight years and with UKNSWP worked with sex work projects throughout the UK. She has been involved in the development of good practice guidance for service interventions for sex workers and the provision of policy advice to authorities developing policies and services related to sex work at a local and national level. She carried out the National Ugly Mugs (NUM) development Project working with others to establish NUM, currently she is a trustee and joint academic rep on National Ugly Mugs (UK NSWP) board.

As well as being one of the founders and a co-chair of the Sex Work Research Hub, Rosie has been involved in delivering frontline outreach services for sex workers as an outreach worker or manager for many years, she was previously manager of Armistead Street and Portside indoor sex work support projects in Merseyside where she was involved in pioneering approaches to address crimes against sex workers as hate crime and establishing the first specialist independent sexual violence advisor (ISVA) for sex workers. She was a Trustee for Manchester Action on Street Health 2015-2013. In recent years she was CEO of Basis Yorkshire, which houses Basis Sex Work Project delivering services to sex workers in Leeds, she retains a role as expert adviser, lead for Beyond the Gaze/Basis netreach and outreach volunteer with Basis. In all her work she has advocated for polices and service provision that recognise the diverse experiences of sex workers, involve sex workers themselves and which are evidence based and enhance the rights and safety of sex workers.

Rosie was  a Third Sector representative on the Department of Health, Response to Sexual Violence National Support Team between August 2009 and March 2011. She is currently a member on the national group focused on policing and sex work,  chaired by the  National Police Chief Councils lead on sex work.

She is a sociologist who obtained her BA Honours in Sociology in 1988 and a Masters in Women’s Studies in 1992; both at the University of Liverpool.

During her early career in academia she worked as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Women’s Studies and Coordinated an Applied Research Centre and in 2013, was awarded an OBE for her work.

Research Interests

  • issues of sex work
  • safety and violence
  • the policing of sex work
  • sex work and hate crime
  • models of sex work health and support service provision
  • multi agency and community responses to sex work
  • the impact of online and digital technologies on sex work and their use by sex workers

She is also interested in the use of participatory action research methods as a vehicle to involve sex workers in research policy and practice and as a tool for social justice.

Rosie has submitted her PhD at Durham University, on treating crimes against sex workers as hate crime in Merseyside, findings from this are published in book chapter ‘Not Getting Away With It’ in Chakraborti, N. and Garland, J. (2014) (eds) Responding to Hate Crime: The Case for Connecting Policy and Research, Bristol: The Policy Press.

Most Recent Publications

  • Bryce, A., Campbell, R., Pitcher, J., Laing, M., Irving, A., Brandon, J. and Safrazyan, S. (2015) ‘Male escorting, safety and National Ugly Mugs: queering policy and practice on the reporting of crimes against sex workers’. In: M. Laing, K. Pilcher and N. Smith (eds) (2015) Queer Sex Work, 245-254, London: Routledge.
  • Sanders, T and Campbell, R  Guest Editors (2014)  ‘Special Issue: The Governance of Commercial Sex: Global Trends of Criminalisation, Punitive Enforcement, Protection and Rights, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Volume 14 Number 5 November 2014.
  • Campbell, R (2014)  ‘Not Getting  Away With It: Linking Sex Work and Hate Crime in Merseyside’  in Chakroborti, N and Garland, J (eds) , ‘Responding to Hate Crime: The Case for Connecting Policy and Research', The Policy Press, Bristol.
  • Cusick, L, Brooks-Gordon, B, Campbell, R, and Edgar, F (2011) “Exiting’ Drug Use and Sex Work: Career paths, interventions and government strategy targets”, Journal of Drugs Education, Prevention & Policy,  April; 18(2): 145–156.

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