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David graduated with a BA in Criminology and Psychology and a BSc in Sociology and Human Geography, both from the OpenImage of David Wilkin University. Following this David successfully undertook an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice by Distance Learning at the University of Leicester. David spent over thirty years in various roles within the public transport sector. From being a train driver to incident manager and latterly in senior management roles which included participating in capital project work and work to improve the security of railways generally and for specific events and incidents. Entering the training sector, David was one of a small group of Equality and Inclusion Trainers; their role being to bring understanding and diversity to a widely experienced workforce. Following this David worked to design training interventions for operational railway staff. Current voluntary roles include working to improve the experiences of patients together with the Mid-Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and also working as a Job Advisor helping to find employment for people in Essex. David has a passion to resolve issues of hate crime and in particular those concerning people with a range of disabilities.

PhD Research

Having witnessed several seemingly disablist incidents during David’s incident work on London’s railways and being a passionate anti-bullying campaigner, the next logical step for David, was to extend his criminological interests in this direction. To that end, David is now working toward a PhD concerning hate crimes perpetrated on disabled people which occur on public transport in the UK. Combining his passions with extensive interest and experience in public transport provision, David hopes to investigate the extent of this hostility and understand the experiences of it. David also gives presentations concerning hate crime generally to: local authorities; volunteer groups and at information events. Hate crime is proportionately under-researched and disability hate crime even less so. Furthermore, almost no work has been conducted to consider disablist hate crime on public transport. The aim is to make the experience of public transport a better one for all concerned.

Recently David has been awarded an ESRC Impact Fellowship as well as the Best Oral Presentation at the EMDoc conference in September 2019.

Blog Posts

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Conference Keynotes and Presentations

  • Transforming Victim Engagement: Overcoming ethical, practical and interactive constraints to facilitate participation of disability hate crime victims. British Society of Criminology 2018.
  • Disability Hate Crime: Surmounting everyday hostility across the landscape of public transport in the UK. Royal Geographical Society 2018.
  • Essex Country Council, September 2017: Disability Hate Crime
  • Essex County Council Hate Crime Strategy Group, October 2017: Disability Hate Crime on public transport
  • Suffolk Association of Disabled Peoples Organisations, October 2017: Disability Hate Crime on public transport
  • Victim Support, February 2018: Disability Hate Crime on public transport
  • Rail Delivery Group, June 2018: Disability Hate Crime on public transport
  • University of Leicester, May 2018: Hate Crime and Mental Health symposium
  • REAL Action Against Disability Hate Crime, June 2018: Disability Hate Crime on public transport

Lead Coordinator of the Disability Hate Crime Network: https://www.facebook.com/groups/disabilityhatecrimenetwork/

Orcid ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0083-9909


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