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I am Director of the Centre for Hate Studies and a Professor of Criminology at the School of Criminology. I am a series editor of Palgrave Hate Studies, an Associate Editor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, an Adjunct Professor at Ontario Tech University, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have been appointed on to the Advisory Boards of Tell MAMA, the International Network for Hate Studies, the British Society of Criminology Hate Crime Network and BLM in the Stix, and I am a member of the Crown Prosecution Service's Hate Crime External Consultative Group and the Strategic Partnership Board of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office for Leicestershire. I am Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform's Research Advisory Group, having previously served as Chair of Research for the Board of Trustees at the Howard League for Penal Reform from 2013-2016. I also serve on the Commonwealth Group of Experts for the Human Dignity Trust, and on the ESRC's Grant Assessment Panel for Panel B.

I have authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications within the field of hate crime and have been commissioned by numerous funding bodies, including the Economic and Social Research Council, Amnesty International, the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Office for Students. My books include:

I am Director of the Centre for Hate Studies, a world leading research centre whose core mission is to transform responses to hate and extremism through its research and evidence-based training programmes. Within this role I oversee a range of activities alongside Dr Amy Clarke and Dr Chris Allen which shape new ideas within the domains of scholarship and policy..

From 2012 to 2014, I led The Leicester Hate Crime Project, a two-year study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which examined the experiences of people victimised on the basis of their identity or perceived 'difference'. This is the largest study of hate crime victimisation ever undertaken in terms of both the numbers and the diversity of hate crime victims accessed. The project led to the publication of a series of reports and briefing papers, more than 200 media appearances and to the creation of a short film, entitled 'The Harms of Hate' which won Best Factual Programme at the Royal Television Society Awards 2014, a Special Jury Award at the Learning On Screen Awards 2015 and an Award of Excellence at the Canadian Shorts International Film Festival 2017.

In 2012, I was appointed as a Commissioner on the first ever review of sex inside prisons in England and Wales, established by the Howard League for Penal Reform. The work of the commission was centered around the themes of consensual and coercive sex in prison and the healthy sexual development of young people in prison. I have worked at the School of Criminology since 1999. I completed my postgraduate qualifications at Leicester too, graduating with a PhD in Criminology in 2007 and an MA (distinction) in Criminology in 1999, having graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first degree in Law in 1998.


  • Engagement with diverse communities
  • Hate crime victimisation, perpetration and policy
  • ‘Otherness’, ‘difference’ and perceived vulnerability
  • Policing diversity
  • Rural racism


I am happy to accept applications to supervise PhDs on the following topics:

  • Hate crime victims
  • Hate crime perpetrators
  • Criminal justice responses to hate crime
  • Specific strands of hate crime and wider forms of targeted hostility
  • Any other issues relating to themes of prejudice, ‘difference’ and ‘othering’


Hardy, S., Chakraborti, N. and Cuko, I. (2020) 'More Than a Tick Box: The Role of Training in Improving Police Responses to Hate Crime', British Journal of Community Justice, 16 (1): 4-20.

Hardy, S. and Chakraborti, N. (2019) Blood, Threats and Fears: The Hidden Worlds of Hate Crime Victims. London: Palgrave.

Chakraborti, N. (2017) ‘Responding to Hate Crime: Escalating Problems, Continued Failings’, Criminology and Criminal Justice, 18 (4): 387-404.

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Hardy, S. and Chakraborti, N. (2017) A Postcode Lottery? Mapping Support Services for Hate Crime Victims. Leicester: University of Leicester.

Hardy, S. and Chakraborti, N. (2017) Hate Crime: Identifying and Dismantling Barriers to Justice, Leicester: University of Leicester.

Chakraborti, N. (2016) ‘Mind the Gap: Making Stronger Connections between Hate Crime Policy and Scholarship’, Criminal Justice Policy Review 27 (6): 577-589.

Hardy, S. and Chakraborti, N.(2016) Healing the Harms: Identifying How Best to Support Hate Crime Victims, Leicester: University of Leicester.

Chakraborti, N. and Garland, J. (2015) Hate Crime: Impact, Causes and Responses (2nd edition), London: Sage.

Garland, J., Chakraborti, N. and Hardy, S. (2015) ‘‘It Felt Like a Little War’: Reflections on Violence against Alternative Subcultures’, Sociology, 49 (6): 1065-1080.

Chakraborti, N. (2015) 'Re-Thinking Hate Crime: Fresh Challenges for Policy and Practice', Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 30 (10): 1738-1754.

Chakraborti, N. and Zempi, I. (2015) ‘‘They Make Us Feel Like We’re a Virus’: The Impact of Islamophobic Victimisation on Veiled Muslim Women’, International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 4 (3): 44-56.

Chakraborti, N. and Hardy, S. (2015) LGB&T Hate Crime Reporting: Identifying Barriers and Solutions. Manchester: Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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