A full collection of Dr Wendy Fitzgibbon's publications are listed below in order of publishing year (most recent at the top).


Fitzgibbon W. (2016) ‘Innovation and privatisation in the probation service in England and Wales’ British Journal of Community Justice Vol 14 (1) 71-77

Sauvant A.,  Fitzgibbon W. and Nurse A., (2016) 'Be afraid, be very afraid of … the environmental activist?' Ideological war, coercive justice and Orwellian dystopia. in G. Potter, A. Nurse, & M. Hall (Eds.), The Geography of Environmental Crime. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Hamilton C., Fitzgibbon W. and Carr N. (2016)  'Punishment, Youth Justice and Cultural Contingency: Towards a Balanced Approach'. Youth Justice



No entries for 2015.



Fitzgibbon W. and Lea J. (2014) 'Defending probation: Beyond privatisation and security' European Journal of Probation April 2014 6: 24 – 41

Fitzgibbon W. (2014) 'Commentary on ‘Upgrading electronic monitoring, downgrading probation.’  European Journal of Probation 6(2) 192-193

Young T. Fitzgibbon W. and D. Silverstone (2014) 'A Question of Family? Youth and Gangs' Youth Justice 14 (2) 171-185



Fitzgibbon W.,  Curry D. and Lea J. (2013) 'Supervising the rioters: The Role of Probation' The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice Vol 52(5) 445 - 556

Fitzgibbon (2013) 'Risk and Privatisation' British Journal of Community Justice 11(2/3) 87

Fitzgibbon W. , Young T. and  Silverstone D. (2013) The Role of the Family in Facilitating Gang Membership, Criminality and Exit. London: Catch 22

Fitzgibbon W. (2013) ‘Riots and Probation: Governing the Precariat’ Criminal Justice Matters Vol. 93 (1) 18-19.



Burke L. and Fitzgibbon W. (2012) Experiencing Supervision. Country Report: England and Wales European Cooperation in Science and Technology COST

Fitzgibbon W. (2012) ‘In the Eye of the Storm: The Implications of the Munro Child Protection Review for the Future of Probation. Probation Journal, 59(1) 7-22



Fitzgibbon W. Bediako S.  and Parry-Crooke  G. (2011)  An Evaluation of Women in Prison’s London Project. Final research report. London WCL and London Metropolitan University

Fitzgibbon W. (2011)  Criminal Justice, Probation and Social Work on Trial: Violent Offender and Child Abusers Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan



Fitzgibbon W., Hamilton C. and Richardson M.  (2010)  ‘A Risky Business: An examination of Irish probation officers’ attitudes towards risk assessment’. Probation Journal 57(2), 163-174

Fitzgibbon W. and Lea J.  (2010) ‘Police, probation and the bifurcation of community’. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 49(3), 215-230

Fitzgibbon W. (2010) ‘Reasons to be Fearful: Dealing with Risk in the Probation Service’ Euro Vista: Probation and Community Justice Vol. 1(2) 101-105

Fitzgibbon W. (2010) ‘Risky or vulnerable: the pre-emptive criminalisation of people with mental health problems.’ in B. Paul & H. Schmidt-Semisch (Eds.) Risiko Gesundheit.Über Risiken  und Nebenwirkungen der Gesundheitsgesellschaft, Wiesbaden :VS Verlag



Fitzgibbon W. (2009) ‘Mentally Disordered Offenders and the Parole Process’ Eris Web Journal

Fitzgibbon W. (2009) ‘The conveyor belt of criminal justice: the Sonnex case, risk and de-skilling in probation’ Criminal Justice Matters Vol.78 6-7.



Fitzgibbon W. (2008) ‘Deconstructing Probation: Risk and Developments in Practice’. The British Journal for Social Work Practice, 22(1), 85-101

Fitzgibbon W. (2008) ‘Fit for Purpose?: OASys assessments and parole decisions’. Probation Journal, 55(1), 37-51

Fitzgibbon W. (2008) ‘Tied Up Like a Kipper: Mentally Disordered Offenders and the Parole Process’ Prison Services Journal Issue 179, 32-35

Fitzgibbon W. (2008) ‘Evaluating Risk Assessment: A methodological study of mentally disordered offenders in the London Probation Area.’ in Cox, P., Geisen, T., and Green, R. (Eds.) Qualitative Research and Social Reality. London: Palgrave



Fitzgibbon W. (2007) ‘Risk analysis and the new practitioner: Myth or reality?’ Punishment and Society, 9 (1), 87-97

Fitzgibbon W. (2007) ‘Institutional Racism, Pre-emptive Criminalisation and Risk Analysis’. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 46(2), 128-144

Fitzgibbon W. and Curry D. (2007) ‘Prison is good but I shouldn’t be here’ Perspectives from prisoners interviewed in an Indian jail’. Vista (11)1

Fitzgibbon W. and Cameron  A. (2007) ‘Working with Mentally Disordered Offenders: government policy, NOMS and inaction’. British Journal of Forensic Practice, 9(1), 4-9



Fitzgibbon W.  and Green R. (2006) ‘Mentally Disordered Offenders: Challenges in using the OASys risk assessment tool’. British Journal of Community Justice, 4(2), 35-46



Fitzgibbon W.  and Cameron  A. (2005) E-Oasys: an effective tool for working with mentally disordered offenders. London: London Probation Area



Fitzgibbon W. (2004)  Pre-emptive Criminalisation; Risk Control And Alternative Futures London: NAPO ICCJ Monograph.


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