Materials and Interfaces

Materials and Interfaces

Here at Leicester we have a dedicated team of inorganic, organic and physical chemists working together. The research into Ionic Liquids, Supercritical Fluids and Catalysis is of great importance to many industrial processes.

This research group focuses on the production and characterization of materials and the study and exploitation of interfaces, interpreted in the most general sense.

Materials of interest span the full range, from hard materials and coatings with engineering applications, through polymers, composites and other synthetic soft matter, to nanomaterials and biological systems.

In many instances, these materials are applied to “wet” interfaces, such as electrode surfaces, and in others their natural occurrence is intrinsically interfacial, notably for nanoparticulates and biological cells. Both theoretical and experimental methods are used to study these systems.

Experimental approaches include the use of conventional laboratory-based molecular and macroscopic characterisational tools and large scale X-ray and neutron facilities.

Research Interests

Group Members


Prof Andrew P Abbott
Prof A Robert Hillman
Dr Karl S Ryder
Dr Greg A Solan

College of Science and Engineering Research Theme :

Materials and Nano-Materials

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