Laser Spectroscopy Group

Laser Spectroscopy Group Members - Academic Staff

NameTelephone No.Email
Prof Andrew Ellis 0116 252 2138
Dr Corey Evans 0116 252 3985
Dr Andrew Hudson 0116 252 2099
Dr ShengFu Yang 0116 252 2127

The main research interests of the principal investigators can be found below:

Prof Andrew Ellis 

Spectroscopy of solute-solvent clusters. Molecules and clusters in helium nanodroplets, nanoparticle synthesis and Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry.  For further research details please press link

Dr Corey Evans

Laser induced florescence, Computational chemistry, Infrared spectroscopy, Microwave spectroscopy and Atmospheric chemistry studies.  For further research details please press link

Dr Andrew Hudson

Gas-phase studies of isolated biomolecules, Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, Optical trapping and spectroscopy of liquid microdroplets.  For further research details please press link

Dr Shengfu Yang

Physical chemistry inside superfluid helium droplets, Growth of novel core-shell nanoparticles inside helium droplets, Mode-selective chemistry on surface and direct methane conversion and Developing novel laboratory techniques for the atmospheric chemistry.  For further research details please press link

Laser Spectroscopy Group Members - Postgraduate and Post Doctoral Staff

NamePositionTelephone No.Email
Ben Shepperson PhD Student 0116 252 1289
Matthew Guttridge PhD Student 0116 223 1024 
Emma Comber PhD Student 0116 223 1024
Abdullah Al-Mohamedi PhD Student
0116 223 1024
Stephanie Allpress PhD Student
0116 223 1024
Cheng Feng PhD Student  0116 223 1024
Nilesh Mistry  PhD Student  0116 252 3623 
Daniel Spence  PhD Student  0116 223 1024 
Andrew Shirley PhD Student 0116 223 1024
Munirah Al-Bacami  PhD Student  0116 223 1024
Jon Tandy Post doc 0116 223 1024
Elspeth Latimer Post doc 0116 223 1024
Adrian Boatwright
Post doc
0116 223 1024


Our activities are derived from a number of independent research groups with strong overlapping interests.  We have a wide range of laser, vacuum and microscopy equipment available in our well equipped laboratories. Our research spans a variety of areas of fundamental and applied chemical physics including; studies of molecular free radicals, molecular clusters, molecules and clusters in helium nanodroplets, reaction dynamics in gases and on liquid surfaces, atmospheric science, optical tweezing, biospectroscopy and single molecule spectroscopy.

Our basic method of analysis is achieved by either entraining our target species in a molecular beam, or trapping in a heliumdroplet matrix, within a high vacuum environment. We then have a range of state-of-the-art laser apparatus, ranging from  Nd:YAG laser pumped LaserVision infrared OPOS to Sirah dye lasers, to perform high resolution spectroscopy analysis within a cold or ultra cold environment.

Laser Spectroscopoy Group

The Laser Spectroscopy Group.

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