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Field Work in the Atmospheric Chemistry Group

Here in the Atmos Group we carry out a wide variety of fieldwork. We have been on ships across the Atlantic, at remote stations in Borneo (measuring emissions from rainforests), Tasmania, the Cape Verde islands, the Arctic, up mountains at the Jungfraujoch in the Alps. We have also flown using the FAAM aircraft above Western Africa, Tenerife and much of Europe. Our laboratory work has taken us to many other universities and facilities to carry out chamber and instrument comparison experiments, such as at the EUPHORE chamber in Spain and the Jülich and PSI chambers in Germany and Switzerland.

Last year took us all the way to our local airport - East Midlands, where we were measuring the changes in chemical behaviour of night time air and comparing it to that observed in the day. The chemistry of the atmosphere is usually powered by the sun, however very little is known about the processes which happen at night.  On board this dusk flight is Dr Karen Hornsby bound for Edinburgh, she was taking measurements as part of the research project to discover changing chemical compositions. If you wish to take a look at the video of our research plane please press video clip.

Recent field work has involved campaigns in Leicester, Plymouth, Weybourne and London.The Clearflo campaign ( took place in 2012 to look at the integration of air quality measurements and meteorological measurements within the boundary layer in London and combined urban measurements from the BT tower and from North Kensington with sites outside of London, enabling tracking of the movement of pollution across London. .  Clearflo consisted of two intensive measurement campaigns, which were run alongside long term monitoring stations.  The first campaign occurred in January 2012 and the second in July 2012 during the Olympic Games.

Please take a look at our photos of the highlights and see the variety of our field work. New pictures are being added continually also some of our group members have written short profiles of their work - please follow link.

If you have any queries regarding instrumentation or future campaigns please email us.

Clearflow container Container at North Kensington Shane working on equip in container
Iain, Zoe & Karen with the container being collected at start of the CLEARFLO camapign.  CLEARFLO container at North Kensington site, Summer 2012  Shane Barber working on the equipment in the container
Kate, Dan and Shane with container Up up and away mast  Prof Monks and Rosie with CITYSCAN equip
Kate, Dan and Shane beside the container in the summer of 2012

"Up, Up and Away" mast attached to our container, London Summer 2012

Prof Monks and Rosie Graves with the CITYSCAN equipment

Probes for Instrumentatiom Install of chemistry fit View from aircraft 50ft up
Trip to East Midlands Airport -Probes for instrumentation mounted under the wing of the BAE 146 plane.  Installation of chemistry fit instruments on the plane.  View from the NERC operated BAe146 over the North Sea during a dusk flight at ~50 feet.
  Atmos group Feb 2011   The Boss - Prof Monks   Weather station
Some of the Atmos Group. 'The Boss' - Professor Paul Monks, with his cocktail. Karen and Rosie at the Meteorological Weather Station at Leicester. 
  Real time breathe analysis  Iain in the RAFT Lab  Demo of RAFT Apparatus
Taking your breathe away! (pdf) Iain in RAFT Laboratory in Leicester. Demonstration of RAFT Apparatus.
  The EUPHORE chamber, Valencia   Mark at the BBCEAS instrument   The TRAPOS project team
The EUPHORE chamber, Valencia, Spain. Mark operating the BBCEAS instrument at the EUPHORE chamber, Valencia, Spain.  The TRAPHOS project team outside the EUPHORE chamber in Valencia. 
PERCA InstallationTimo at the EUPHORE chamberIain in the EUPHORE Lab
Installing  the PERCA instrument, EUPHORE, Valancia, Spain. Timo monitoring atmospheric conditions at the EUPHORE chamber in Valencia. Iain in the EUPHORE Laboratory.
River Niger, West Africa  CINDI MAX DOAS Site Cape Grim Observatory Tasmania
Sunset over the River Niger in West Africa,  taken during the AMMA campaign. CINDI MAX DOAS Intercomparison site-The Netherlands. Cape Grim Observatory in Tasmania
  Boarding plane   On aircraft over rain forest  Karun with the PERCA instrument
Some of the Atmos group boarding their first flight on the BAe-146 FAAM aircraft to carry out measurements over the Malaysian rainforest. Dan and Virginia using the PERCA instrument on board the aircraft over the rainforest. Karun, one of our PhD students, calibrates the PERCA instrument in the rainforest.
  The tower          Equipment in rainforest View over rainforest canopy
You have to go to the top of our own 'Blackpool Tower' to get the view!  Three PhD students setting up equipment for measurements of soil emissions under the rainforest canopy in the Danum Valley, Sabah, Borneo.  A wonderful view over the rainforest canopy in Borneo.
Cape Verde LabCape Verde ObservatoryContainer in Cape Verde 
No trouble with the neighbours here! The Cape Verde Islands Observatory in the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Verde Islands Observatory. Michael, Roland and Karun at work with the instrument container on the Cape Verde Islands.
Mace Head Ireland Mace Head view and cows On the desk of RSS Discovery 
Mace Head Observatory, County Galway, Ireland.  View from the Mace Head Observatory in Ireland.  RSS Discovery in the Atlantic Ocean during the RHAMBLE campaign.
JungfraujochJungfraujoch ObservatoryAlex Parker at the Jungfraujoch
Beat that for a view! The Observatory on the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. A closer view of the Observatory on the Jungfraujoch mountain. Alex on the Jungfraujoch - caption says it all really!


Since its delivery in 2005 our instrument container has done approx. 20,700 miles.Delivery of Instrument container


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