Materials Centre CRUPPAIL project is shortlisted for Surface Engineering Association (SEA) Biannual Industry Award

The Materials Centre project ‘Cadmium Replacement Using Pulse Plating And Ionic Liquids’ (CRUPPAIL) has been shortlisted for an Environmental achievement award at The Surface Engineering & Heat Treatment 2018 Awards.

The CRUPPAIL project intends to produce a more environmentally friendly replacement for cadmium plating by developing a new chemical process which can plate zinc-nickel (ZnNi) alloy. Cadmium is a coating for metals that gives excellent anti-corrosion and lubrication properties but the feedstock material is very toxic. Use of Cd is still allowed in the EU but only for some strategic aerospace and military applications.  The global economy is searching for an alternative to cadmium and this has been achieved through the use of novel ionic liquid non-aqueous chemistry and deep eutectic solvents which create a safer coating while maintaining the technical properties of cadmium.

The CRUPPAIL project is a small consortium including a Birmingham-based commercial electroplating company, experts in waste minimisation, treatment and surface engineering and is funded by Innovate UK.  The role of the University of Leicester is to develop and produce the novel electrolyte.  This task is being led by Dr Chunhong Lei and Prof. Karl Ryder in the Materials Centre, Department of Chemistry.

The SEA Awards bring together the entire surface and heat treatment industry, including customers, suppliers and members of the organization.

The awards ceremony will be held in Manchester on Friday 12th October 2018.


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