Go Fischer: Student-Staff Team Publish Paper in Journal of Chemical Education

A team of eight undergraduate students (Georgia Battersby, Corey Beeley, Danielle Baguley, Harrison Barker, Harvey Broad, Niamh Carey, Edward Chambers and Daria Chodaczek) along with Dr Dylan Williams and Dr Richard Blackburn (Leicester Chemical Learning Enhancement and Pedagogy group) are celebrating publication of a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Chemical Education (Go Fischer: An Introductory Organic Chemistry Card Game https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c00504).

The paper is based on a Go-Fish inspired card game developed by six of the co-authors (Danielle, Harrison, Harvey, Niamh, Edward and Daria) during their first year at University (back in 2017). The game was designed to help students practice applying the rules of organic nomenclature, to recognize key functional groups, and to familiarise themselves with simple examples of reactivity of molecules containing these functional groups. The effectiveness of the game as a learning resource was evaluated by Georgia and Corey as part of their final year dissertation projects (under the supervision of Dylan and Richard). Publication in the prestigious Journal of Chemical Education means the game is now available for students and educators around the world to use.

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