Postdoctoral mentoring

A mentor is an experienced employee who agrees to help, build a relationship with, and facilitate the professional growth of one or more colleagues. The mentor is not a line manager but a ‘career friend’. Broadly speaking a mentor acts as both a conduit through which you can voice any concerns or difficulties you might be having, as well as being someone from whom you can seek advice. Obviously, you can do this through your supervisor as well, but your mentor is someone who is detached from your specific research project and who can therefore offer fully independent and confidential advice. This advice should be non-judgemental. The hope is that you will develop a comfortable relationship with your mentor and thus feel happy to talk freely with him/her. A mentor does not need to know about the specific technical details of your research to offer this advice and so your mentor’s area of research should be unimportant. 

For the mentee, mentoring can:

  • reduce the stress of transition to a new role
  • speed up the learning of a new job or set of skills
  • promote the socialisation of new staff
  • increase productivity
  • increase motivation, confidence, and reflection
  • help to articulate issues in a conscious and thoughtful way
  • provide a way of seeing through difficulties

The University also has web pages offering guidance to mentors and mentees which can be found via the following links:
Guide for mentors
Guide for mentees

From the point of view of the Department the three primary aims of the mentoring scheme are as follows:

  • To provide the mentee with general advice on difficulties associated with working environment and to suggest possible ways forward
  • Provide advice on career development and career options. This could include discussion of career options and career sectors, fellowship applications, skills training, etc.
  • To improve both procedures and the working environment within the Department through (confidential) feedback from the mentor to AME, providing the mentee gives permission

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