Working Lives Group Terms of Reference

The Working Lives Group (WLG) will have overarching responsibility to drive a continuous improvement of the working culture, environment and work/ life balance of the staff and students of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences with the following Terms of Reference:

  •  WLG will provide advice and comment to the Head of Department and DLT on all issues related to the working culture, environment and work/ life balance of the Department
  • WLG will work closely with the Athena SWAN Assessment Team to deliver the Athena SWAN action plan
  • WLG will be responsible for the creation and continuing provision of the Departmental Working Lives website
  • WLG will undertake an annual staff survey and on the basis of this, review and revise its terms of reference and actions appropriately
  • WLG will organise two All Staff and Student meetings per year, including one as an Away Day

Meetings will be held bi-monthly, with papers circulated one week in advance. Its Chair will be a member of the Departmental Leadership Team (DLT); reporting formerly to the DLT three times a year.

September 2016 (Review Date September 2018)

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